It is no secret that New York is a favorite filming location for television and movies. The city is brimming with unique spaces, interesting backdrops and diverse settings that can add authenticity and interest to any film. In the city, deciding where to shoot can be as difficult as deciding where to stay and booking for your crew. This is when you should turn to BlueOrange, the best NYC travel agency for film and production. Located in the heart of the city, BlueOrange knows the most luxurious hotels that can accommodate your entire film crew, plus we have extensive knowledge of the city and can make sure you stay near your filming location.

The Best NYC Travel Agency for Film and Production Gives Location Advice

Midtown Manhattan

Many iconic locations for movies were filmed in Midtown. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Plaza, Tiffany’s, Grand Central Station, Katz Deli. These locations spark imagination by the sheer mention of their name, making them favorites of film crews. Breakfast at Tiffany’s, One Fine Day, When Harry Met Sally, The Thomas Crown Affair, King Kong, and Sex and the City are just some of the movies filmed in this area.

Where to stay: If your film has scenes set in any of the iconic streets or landmarks in Midtown, consider staying at the Library Hotel, located at 299 Madison Avenue at East 41st Street. The hotel offers an ideal site with luxury and style that includes unique rooms that follow the book theme, passes to local sports clubs, an advanced reader from Simon & Schuster, Wi-Fi, 24-hour complimentary refreshments and more.


This famous borough might not be as polished as its Manhattan neighbor, but the grittiness is also what brings film crews to Brooklyn. Titles like Goodfellas, Saturday Night Fever, Annie Hall, Requiem for a Dream, Moonstruck, Sophie’s Choice, and more were all filmed here, making this neighborhood one of the most filmed areas of New York City. With a diverse population and style, Brooklyn can look vintage or modern, has hidden gems including beaches and Coney Island, and offers history and art all in close proximity.

Where to Stay: If you’re scheduled to film in Brooklyn, consider staying at the William Vale. Centrally located in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood, this boutique hotel offers vibrant and creative style with fine dining options and a full calendar of interesting events to keep your off-time anything but boring.

Central Park

The lush setting, beautiful bridges, water features and more make Central Park the ideal setting for many famous movies. Spider Man 3, Big Daddy, August Rush, Devil Wears Prada, An Affair to Remember, Home Alone 2, Elf, Enchanted, Ghostbusters, The Avengers all have scenes in the park. Central Park is considered one of the most filmed locations in the world, in part because it is surrounded by iconic buildings like The Plaza Hotel and The Dakota Building.

Where to Stay: Consider staying at The Surry to be close to filming locations in Central Park and the Upper East Side. The chic boutique-style hotel is located near the Alice in Wonderland statue in the park and offers ultimate privacy, a beautiful rooftop garden and an array of salons and suites to fit your entire crew.

As the best NYC travel agency for film and TV production, BlueOrange recognizes the importance to being close to filming locations and still being able to rest well between shoots. Contact BlueOrange to plan your next on-location filming experience in New York City or around the globe.