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Achieve Greater Fulfillment out of Every Business Trip Coordinated by BlueOrange.


Say goodbye to all of the typical stress associated with business travel. When you team up with BlueOrange to plan and manage your company trips, you can sit back and relax, knowing that the end-to-end logistical details of every journey will be meticulously considered. Your only job? Focus exclusively on what you do best, and leave the rest to us.

As a $20-billion Tzell-backed corporate travel agency – headquartered in Midtown Manhattan, New York – we’re experts at reducing total travel and entertainment expenses, by leveraging massive negotiations, calling upon preferred suppliers, and relying on the latest industry technology to bring you the best deals from across the globe. Engage our 20 years of intensive experience to your competitive advantage.

Put a whole new creative spin on your business-travel program. At BlueOrange, we’re huge believers in combining work and play in unexpected ways, as a means of achieving more powerful results. Rely on us to treat your staff members, clients, prospects, and VIPs to a host of special features and services – leaving the type of lasting impressions that solidify business relationships for years to come. Just get on out there, and have some serious fun.


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We Handle the Full Range of Business Travel – Large and Small.

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Tap into the most advanced technology available in the corporate-travel business to secure all of the best flights, accommodations, ground transportation, and other opportunities for your tech team.

Think outside the box in sending your creative staff on trips of all types – whether you lead a marketing agency, design firm, multimedia company, TV / film production crew, or entertainment business.

Blur the lines between business and pleasure to the point that they’re completely indistinguishable – with invigorating team-building trips, executive retreats, incentive travel, and more.

Experience the utmost in five-star luxury, exclusivity, and service whenever you travel – including private jets, elite hotel privileges, meet and greets,
and numerous other special touches.


Simplify the process of planning your next company trip tenfold.

Of course, before we begin preparing any travel plans for you and your team, we’ll be sure to conduct a full briefing, to ensure that we’ve got a firm handle on all of your preferences, objectives, and desires.

However, to help expedite the planning of your next trip, we’ve engineered the following package, as a convenient possible way of kicking things off. Depend on BlueOrange to send your team packing with all of the essentials for success, including:

  • Best-fit transportation to and from your destination, identified and booked for all members of your team, using our preferred partnerships with global airlines and other travel companies worldwide to assign seats and secure exclusive pricing
  • Hotel or rental accommodations, according to your specific preferences, leveraging our partnerships with all major brands and technologically advanced tools to find optimum places to stay at the lowest-possible rates and often gain special amenities, upgrades, and more
  • Ground-transportation services, as required to fulfill your needs, with significantly discounted deals from vetted companies for private cars, vans, limousines, shuttle services, car rentals, and more
  • Critical assistance with emergencies, delays, cancellations, and other unexpected obstacles, as a powerful advocate that can negotiate much better accommodations with airlines and travel companies on your behalf in cases of service interruptions and other issues
  • Integrated technological tools, making it very easy for your team to keep track of all important trip details, including a convenient mobile app, online booking tools, real-time reservation notifications, SMS / email alerts about possible disruptions, quality control to validate accuracy, clear and concise reporting, and more


Just let us know the best way to start serving your business with corporate travel.

Your company is entirely unique; there’s no doubt about that. At BlueOrange, we’re committed to providing you with individualized service, whether your first trip happens to match up to the traditional profile or not. It would be our distinct pleasure to cater to all of your corporate-travel needs, no matter what form they take.

Simply share your vision with us, and we’ll start converting it into reality for you, from the moment you say “go.” Whether you need a single employee flown into a simple meeting, or your entire staff blown away by a spectacular retreat – BlueOrange is fully prepared to materialize your every hope and dream.