Resolve to combine your business travel with leisure time in 2018. Bleisure travel continues to grow as a trend across the world, and both businesses and employees are reaping the benefits. The symbiotic nature of bleisure travel means that companies are able to offer employees a valuable benefit without disrupting their budget, and workers who take advantage of bleisure travel policies feel more appreciated and are more productive. Mixing business with pleasure can be so much more than just an opportunity for an extra vacation day in an exotic locale. BlueOrange, a New York City based travel agent, explains how you can make the most of your bleisure travel plans in 2018.

Learn About New Cultures, for You and Your Business

Of course, learning about new cities and cultures is personally rewarding, but that knowledge can also benefit your work performance on your next trip to the same location. When employees take the time to understand the traditions, events and even some of the language of their client’s country, then they can apply that knowledge in the boardroom or wherever business takes them. This makes bleisure travel even more of an essential tool to companies that do frequent business abroad.

Consider Taking Your Family

Bleisure means you can take your loved ones with you when you’re traveling for work. Many companies realize that frequent work travel can be difficult on families. Discuss your options with your employer, and consider paying the difference for a larger hotel room to gain the extra family space and time in an exciting destination. Make your necessary business trip into a vacation with your family by your side.

Look for Bonus Air Miles

You’ll rack up air miles for the time you spend flying to and from your business destination, but often hotels and popular attractions offer air miles for staying in certain rooms or enjoying amenities, like luxurious spa treatments. Do some advanced research and add more miles to your cache to make your next non-business getaway that much sweeter.

Step Out of Your Office

You’ve scheduled your bleisure time, now to enjoy it. In 2018, remote work time and space will be even more attainable, which also means you’ll be able to stretch your bleisure adventure. Get out of the office and boardroom and consider something more unique. Schedule a golf course meeting or lunch at a memorable restaurant to close the deal. Don’t feel tied to an office just because it’s work-focused trip.

Destress Your Travel Plans

Cut the amount of time you spend packing, flying, preparing and more by combining your business and leisure. By taking advantage of bleisure opportunities in 2018, you are decreasing your travel stress levels. Discover the best of both business traveling and vacation in bleisure travel, and discover the reason why this is one of the fastest growing travel trends.

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