Sometimes arriving wrinkle free is a bigger challenge than smooth sailing through the airport security line. But there’s no excuse for being anything other the well pressed with these packing tips from BlueOrange, a travel agency specializing in corporate and luxury travel, especially when business meets leisure travel on a bleisure trip. Read on to make your next adventure in packing more successful.

Put your essentials in your carry-on.

Never pack the things you know you’ll need your first night or two of your stay. Your toiletries, undergarments and a change of clothes are all important to have with you if the airline happens to lose your bag. Also keep your passport, identification and valuables with you on the plane. Don’t set yourself up for disappointment at the baggage claim.

Let your clothes do double duty.

Think about packing which pieces of your clothing can be worn for more than one aspect of your trip. Can that shirt go from day to night? Will those shoes be comfortable sitting on the airplane and in the board room? The more your clothes can be repeat performers, the more likely you are to save space in your bags.

Plan ahead.

Make a packing list of everything you need. Pack well in advance and rely on a list of all your essentials. This way, you aren’t forgetting or adding anything you need or don’t need.

Know your airline’s baggage and TSA policies.

Knowing how big your carryon can be or if you’re allowed a personal item can make your travel process smooth or a headache. Check out the airline’s website or ask your travel agent, if you have questions. Don’t be that person at the front of the TSA line with full-size bottles of shampoo or arguing over a too-big carryon.

Roll your clothes.

Experienced travelers agree: When you roll your clothes—even your suits and pressed shirts—they’ll arrive less wrinkled and take up less space in your suitcase. Check out these <a href=””> tips from Real Men Real Style </a>for some simple and easy-to-follow ways to roll or fold a suit for wrinkle-free packing.


Make sure you always look your best when you travel for work or bleisure with these packing tips. NYC travel agency, BlueOrange wants to help you plan your next luxury or corporate trip. Call or email to start planning today!