Feeling confused about the difference between business class and first class when booking airline tickets is understandable. While the two luxury seating options both offer extra seat space and legroom, desirable perks like easy boarding or unlimited alcoholic beverages, there are also some key differences that might make simplify your choice. New York City base BlueOrange understands VIP travel as well as the differences in each ticket class. Let us help you choose one over the other.

What Is the Difference Between Business Class and First Class?

Level Up Your Comfort

Both business and first class offer improved comfort over economy seats, and for an infrequent traveler, even the smallest upgrades can feel large. But if you travel on a regular basis, for business or pleasure, then the extent of the upgrade can be important.

Before you purchase your ticket, consider the length of your flight and the times you will take off and land. Both business- and first-class seats offer more space and legroom, but first-class seats are more likely to fold flat into a bed or offer you a private compartment. If ultimate comfort and a good nap is important to you on your flight, then a first-class seat is necessary. An experienced travel agent, like BlueOrange, will be able to tell you the configuration of the seats in first class or business class to help you make the best decision.

Dining Differences

The biggest difference between first-class and business-class tickets might be in the food and drinks that are served.

The dining in first class strives to be restaurant quality. Often prepared by famous chefs, first-class strives to provide a memorable dining experience. For example, Singapore Airlines offers both Krug Grand Cuvée or Dom Pérignon 2004 with caviar before take off. The cocktail selection in first-class is both premium and extensive.

While the food in business class is delicious and still a dramatic step up from what is typically served in economy class, travelers shouldn’t expect Dom Pérignon and Angus steak. The food here will typically still be served from a cart, rather than individually plated; although you can enjoy real plates and silverware, rather than plastic replacements. Liquor selection isn’t as extensive as in first class, although there will still be a selection for typically unlimited cocktails.

Extras Count Too

Business and first class each offer their own level of amenities and extras that give passengers extra service, pampering and luxury while they travel. Before boarding, airports offer luxury lounges in certain terminals that make it easy to relax, work or eat between flights. These lounges often separate first- and business-class travelers, making first-class lounges less crowded and more comfortable. The first-class lounges also sometimes include massages or other spa treatments.

Onboard longer, international flights, airlines might offer first-class travelers silk pajamas or duvets for maximum comfort for the extended air time. The amenities might not be as sweet on the same flight in business class, but the shared blankets and pillows will make your flight comfortable and restful.

Before you purchase your tickets, consider where and when you’re traveling and which airline you prefer. Then discuss your luxury options with your travel agent. BlueOrange Travel will be able to clearly describe the difference between business class and first class to help you select the best luxury option for your travel needs. Contact us to plan your next VIP travel experience.