As companies grow and evolve, their travel planning needs may change as well. Reassessing corporate travel needs can lead to tough conversations between executives and travel agents. In asking these questions, though, companies can determine if focus should shift with their current agency or even if it is time to switch to a different travel management company all together that might be a better fit. BlueOrange Travel, an agency based in New York City, has extensive experience planning travel for both large and small companies. They are able to address questions and issues that are important to you and your company, such as expenses, security and safety, technology, and more.

Six Essential Questions Executives Should Ask Their Travel Agent

Which account manager will work with our company?

Some corporate travel agencies employ many agents in a single office, while other agencies might be only a single agent. Either way, it is essential to know the person you will be working with when your company plans business travel. Not only will you receive real-time, accurate answers to your most essential questions, but you will also benefit from the personal relationship. A good agent will be able to better accommodate your company’s travel needs based on your preferences, so establishing a rapport early is important.

Can you work within my company travel policies?

Does your business have set travel policies? If so, this question is essential.  Find out if the travel agency is able and willing to follow the travel policy you give them. This is a good sign that your company will be compatible with this agency, and it shows their ability to meet the needs of your company. If an agent is unable to follow your guidelines, then you could save time and money by finding a different agent.

Can you design custom travel plans for my company?

While it might seem like an obvious question, it is best to clarify that this travel agency is able to cater to your company’s specific needs and desires. Because your company is unlike any other, making sure your travel agent can customize your trip to your company’s preferences is priceless.

Will I have 24-hour support?

When your red-eye flight is delayed for weather or your check-in to a hotel around the world doesn’t go as planned, having access to your travel agent at all hours will help decrease your stress levels and will resolve the issue faster than if you tried to do it on your own. If your employees travel worldwide, around-the-clock support becomes even more important. Will this agency help you with unexpected travel delays no matter what time it is for them? If not, is that a deal breaker for you and your traveling employees?

What kind of technology do you use to book corporate travel?

An agent who is able to use the latest travel planning technology will be an asset to your company. Technology ensures even the smallest conveniences, like using your smart phone to scan your ticket at the gate instead of a paper ticket, are possible. Plus, advanced technology might mean that you will have access to tools like FlightStats, GlobalVCard and TripBAM that can make your flight and travel smooth and headache free.

Do you offer travel reporting?

By working with a travel agency that offers travel reporting, your company can get real-time insights into the money and time your employees spend on business travel. Having this important information can mean that executives can streamline, making business run smoother and more efficiently. Information like this can also help you and the travel agent agree on what successful business travel looks like for your company.

By asking the right questions, you can ensure a quality relationship between your company and a travel agency. The right agent will work to make business travel is efficient, seamless and cost effective. BlueOrange, a corporate travel agency, will work to find the best deals that fit your company’s goals and style. Contact Simone for more information about how we can help your client.