Over 1,500 flights take off and land each day at Los Angeles International Airport, making it one of the busiest airports in the world. Catering to their VIP clientele, LAX has developed elegant lounges that offer beautiful surroundings and elegant amenities away from the bustle and stress. With a private terminal dedicated to celebrity and royal travelers and an array of luxury lounges in the main terminal, LAX lounges are recognized as some of the best in the world. BlueOrange Travel, a leader in world-wide VIP and corporate travel, shares the secrets and details of LAX’s luxury terminal.

Luxury Inside LAX Lounges and Private Terminals

Privacy is Key

Created as a way for the airport’s celebrity clientele to escape the eyes and camera of the paparazzi and eager fans, LAX’s Private Suite is a soothing oasis. As the first facility of its kind, this members-only terminal features exclusive accommodations with a two-person daybed, private bathroom and food pantry that is customized, attended and stocked.

Membership to the suite costs $4,000 each year plus $2,700 in service flights for domestic flights or $3,500 for international flights, but with perks like an on-site hairdresser, pre-booked spa treatments, an available doctor, meeting amenities and a ride directly to your flight, many find the service in the Private Suite is worth every penny.

Plus, the Private Suite offers its members the opportunity to skip parking, baggage and security hassles. Members enter through a private gate, away from any possible paparazzi or enthusiastic fans and can take advantage of complimentary valet parking (with an eco-friendly car wash, of course). With baggage handlers and private screenings, members avoid the lines and headache that can come with TSA checkpoints. When members arrive at LAX, they can even use private immigration services to get through Customs quickly and simply.

Access Luxury

Private Suite is the newest and most exclusive lounge at LAX, but it isn’t the only luxury experience. The airport boasts other lounges that offer elegant surroundings, soothing amenities and unbeatable perks that make any flying experience stress free.

The Star Alliance Lounge is one of the largest lounges at the airport. Located on the sixth level of the Tom Bradley International Terminal, this lounge features a movie theater and a library. Connect to free Wi-Fi on the lounge’s iPads, take a soothing shower or enjoy a cocktail while you overlook a waterfall on the outdoor deck. First-class passengers on Star Alliance are treated to an additional, exclusive lounge.

Have your shirt pressed, your shoes shined or shower in style in the Oneworld Lounge in the Tom Bradley International Terminal. With a large atrium that lets you bask in natural light, the lounge features a variety of seating areas, dining options from chef Neil Perry and an indoor fire pit. The VIP lounge inside the lounge gives first-class passengers private access to two VIP rooms and another restaurant.

The Qantas Airways International First Lounge offers champagne toasts and customized drinks to qualifying passengers. This luxe lounge has a staff dedicated to anticipating the needs of their guests to make travel as smooth as possible. Private showers, suit steaming services and Aurora Spa amenities make this lounge feel more like a hotel than a stopover in an airport.

The luxury LAX lounges strive to ease the hassles of travel and pamper the traveler. The lavish amenities and focused treatments can make even the most stressed or cramped travelers feel relaxed and at home. BlueOrange Travel understands the importance of these luxury experiences while traveling, and wants to help you plan your next corporate or VIP luxury trip. Contact us today.