Once disregarded for a sprawling, over-crowded and polluted metropolis, Mexico City has worked to clean it’s streets and skies to become a profitable business destination. With a population of more than 22 million people, the city is home to a thriving cultural heritage and industries like food, tobacco, construction and financial services. With experience planning luxury, worldwide business travel for executives, BlueOrange Travel is sharing their Mexico City travel guide to make your next trip to the capital city efficient, seamless and enjoyable.

Follow This Mexico City Travel Guide on Your Next Business Trip

Ideally Located

Because of its central location on the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico City is ideally placed to be a business hub in Central America. This position also makes it easy to travel here for a quick business trip or a more extended stay. Aeromexico is the primary carrier at Benito Juarez International Airport, but all the major carriers will fly into the city from international destinations. The airport is located about 20 minutes from downtown, making it both convenient and accessible.

Where to Stay

In Mexico City, business meetings and deals are often made outside of the office and in the city’s luxury hotels. Consider staying at one of the larger hotels known for its style and elegance to accommodate meetings such as this.

The Four Seasons Hotel Mexico City is located on Paseo de la Reforma, the city’s most famous boulevard. With a Spanish-style courtyard, central location and luxurious rooms, the Four Seasons is popular for business travelers.

The Presidente InterContinental Mexico City offers some of the largest guest rooms in the city with sweeping views of the bustling downtown. The contemporary style provides a perfect backdrop for six restaurants, a soothing spa and meeting rooms for business.

DOWNTOWN MEXICO combines 17th-century grandeur with industrial touches in the historic heart of the city.  This boutique-style hotel provides visitors with unique luxury and a rooftop pool, making it a favorite spot for relaxing after business is complete.

Getting Around

Because of Mexico City’s move toward green infrastructure, the city’s Metro system is fast, safe and extensive. Count on the system to get you to your client’s offices or to landmarks throughout the city during your stay for about five pesos (or 30 cents) per ride.

If you’d like to travel more privately, or if you’re traveling after midnight when the metro is closed, then look for the pink-and-white taxis with CDMX printed on the sides. These government-licensed taxis have a guaranteed fair with rates comparable to those in the US, and the tip is typically included in the price.

Soak Up the Culture

In addition to the city’s booming business scene, Mexico City provides a cultural Mecca for Central America. With a rich and diverse history, the area’s local arts are represented in murals, sculptures and architecture around the city.

Don’t miss the opulent Palacio de Bellas Artes to see the marble performance hall and museum that features murals by famous artist Diego Rivera. Make time for the National Museum of Anthropology that features artifacts from ancient Mayan civilizations, or take a longer trip to see Pyramid of the Sun in nearby Teotihuacan.

The rich history of Mexico City is complimented by a growing industrial and business persona. Travelers who visit the metropolis for business are greeted with stunning art and architecture, delicious dining choices and luxury accommodations. Follow BlueOrange Travel’s Mexico City travel guide the next time you visit Central America, and contact BlueOrange to plan all of your business travel.