While larger companies are likely to turn to a travel agent to handle their planning and logistics, smaller companies may benefit even more from expert advice and planning. Small businesses spend 24 percent more on business travel than larger corporations, but the benefits of relying on a travel agent to plan and manage business travel far outweigh the fictional threat of higher costs. BlueOrange, a New York-based travel agency, helps large and small businesses meet their travel demands while managing budgets and providing luxury suggestions.

Employees and owners of small business often take on a greater burden when traveling, accepting more responsibility than a large corporation with a deep work force might. This is one reason why small businesses spend more money on travel. With so much time spent traveling and conducting business, taking the time to search out the best deals isn’t always an option. This is where a qualified travel agent who is well versed in the business travel industry can be helpful.

The truth is that a travel agent is likely to reduce the overall expenses of business travel. Agents like BlueOrange are well connected to a wide network of travel professionals and suppliers. This means that they can leverage negotiations and tap into these preferred supplier relationships to get a business the best deals. Plus, an agent’s integrated technologies aren’t accessible to people outside of the industry, so they can see prices and opportunities that you don’t have access to, especially online travel agencies.

By establishing a relationship with a travel agents, small businesses can also benefit from personalized service. BlueOrange focuses on creating client-driven solutions when it comes to booking business travel. When a business travels globally, having a contact in the industry who understands the possibilities and a business’s preferences is invaluable.

A travel agent can save a small business time, and that might be the most important savings of all. By eliminating the need to take the time to shop for travel deals, book flights or reserve hotels, a small business owner or employee can focus their attention on their business and earning their living. A travel agent can develop a thoughtful and effective plan for the business, outlining preferences, goals and budget, which will save the business money and give them time to be successful in their own industry.

When it comes to planning the details of bleisure travel, or travel that combines business and leisure, a travel agent can be an invaluable asset because of their industry connections and knowledge. By tapping into their resources, an agent is able to identify the best aspects of both kinds of travel. For example, they could recommend which hotel has the best meeting space before booking a weekend excursion to explore the local area.

A small business that relies on limited resources of time, money and employees needs a travel agent more than a large corporation with seemingly endless resources. By utilizing the professional services of a travel agent, they can be more efficient in their work and focus on growing their business. No matter how big (or small) your business, contact BlueOrange Travel when you are ready to start planning your next business trip.