When your band crosses the country for their next concert, it takes more than luxury seats on the flight to ensure the trip and tour are a success. Travel agents entertainment industry, like NYC-based BlueOrange, is focused on the details and your band’s needs. Let BlueOrange anticipate any potential problem so you can be sure that you have the perfect travel backup.

Be Prepared for Name Changes

When band members or people on your crew change at the last minute, the names on airline tickets also need to be adjusted and transferred quickly. Your entertainment travel agency should have established relationships with the carriers, both domestically and internationally, to ensure that these changes are made and everyone can travel as scheduled and on time.

Get Your Equipment and Baggage There

More than just a suitcase, bands travel with instruments, speakers, amps and more. Let your entertainment travel agency help you avoid over paying for baggage fees at the airport. This will save your band money in the long run and also help ensure that all your equipment arrives safely and when you do.

Sidestep Weather and Unexpected Problems

Flights are often grounded for unexpected reasons—weather, mechanical issues, airline snags—but whatever the cause, a travel agent can help reroute or reschedule to make sure the show will go on. BlueOrange can fill available seats on the next flight. And when seats aren’t available, groups can go on separate carriers or flights, ensuring everyone arrives on time and ready to play.

Stay Where You’re Understood

With unmatched industry knowledge, an entertainment travel agency is able to reserve rooms in a hotel that frequently hosts bands and musicians. This means, they are prepared to meet your unique needs and desires. Rooms will be ready when you arrive and specific request can typically be met.

NYC-based BlueOrange, an entertainment-savvy travel agent, is ready to plan your band’s next trip or entire tour. And you can rock on, knowing they are prepared for whatever happens with your band on the road.