Combine business and pleasure for your clients and plan corporate events and influencer travel that will give a lasting impression. Travel planning for your clients can help you to create industry buzz and further relationships, but it can also be a valuable way to grow your business, and working with an experienced VIP travel agency, like BlueOrange Travel, can make the process seamless and create the biggest impact for you and your clients. Read on to discover why you should be seizing opportunities to plan business travel for your clients.

Top Reasons to Plan Influencer Travel with a VIP Travel Agency

Show Your Client Appreciation

Your clients are the reason you are in business. You get to do the work you love because they choose your firm. Showing your appreciation with a luxury travel opportunity is a way for you to express that you are grateful for their business, and the memories they make will help further the positive impression of your company for years to come.

Pitch to New Customers

Luxury travel opportunities can make a great impression that gets your clients talking. Word-of-mouth advertising is essential to growing your business, and travel programs help to spread the word that your business understands the needs and wants of their VIP clients. Plus, by inviting potential influencers, you can entice their business while showing them your company’s culture and values.

Create Networking Opportunities

When you bring like-minded influencers together in a beautiful and unique location, you give them the opportunity to meet and discuss business and how they can work together. These networking opportunities help convey your appreciation and drive business development for your clients, which is an essential asset for any company or influencer.

Meet Your Team

Let your clients get to know you outside of the office, and introduce your entire team. In-person meetings help to further relationships and create lasting bonds that will serve your clients better than impersonal email or texting ever could. Face-to-face is still the best way to do business, so why not move your meetings to international or luxury destinations?

Make Your Company Stand Out

Why rely on standard ways to thank your clients or traditional methods of furthering brand messages. VIP travel opportunities illustrate that your company thinks outside the box and that creative thinking extends past traditional business models. Your company is willing to go above and beyond for your clients, VIP travel illustrates this.

Define your Brand

The travel opportunities that you create for your clients can help further your brand’s message and impact. Branding doesn’t have to mean your logo on a pen, instead you can show your brand’s message is worldwide, that it includes luxury and that you pay attention to even the smallest details, like routing them through the best airports for VIP travel or reserving hotels with renowned spas and amenities.

Cater to a Variety of Clients

Travel can appeal to a wide array of clients and influencers, making travel incentives and programs universal. From fashion to TV and film or music to wellness and mindfulness influencers, BlueOrange is able to customize travel programs for any industry, making your business impact far reaching and universal.

Influencer travel can help to define and further your business goals, and an experienced and capable VIP travel agency, like BlueOrange Travel, can work with you to create a lasting impact. Improve your business, further your brand message and create industry buzz with an influencer travel program. Contact us today to get started.