New York City has always been a top travel destination, but with more and more travelers combining business and pleasure on bleisure trips, NYC’s travel profile has skyrocketed. The Big Apple combines the best of both worlds as a business hub offering corporate travelers the commerce, activity, and resources they need for a successful business trip and the fun, sights, and happenings that make any vacation-style travel memorable.

Corporate travel agents, like BlueOrange, know the very best spots for both halves of a bleisure trip to New York City.

Read on to learn the 5 top bleisure travel experiences to take advantage of the next time you’re in NYC.

New York is brimming with hotels, but staying in the perfect location with the best amenities is key when it comes to bleisure travel. Hotels are focusing on creating unique travel experiences rather than simply being a place to sleep at night. Boutique hotels like the 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge make their spaces both relaxing and fun by adding hammocks to some of the rooms and on their rooftop patio. And the W Hotel in midtown offers a glamping option with a luxury yurt on their roof with unmatched views.

  • Plan for After Work.

Since New York has been coined the “City that Never Sleeps” there are plenty of options for things to do once business is finished for the day. Of course, the city offers the best in theater experiences with plays and musicals both on and off Broadway, but other NYC landmarks are open to visit after business hours. The view from the top of the Empire State Building is breathtaking at night, and the Staten Island Ferry runs past the Statue of Liberty all night long. Even the 9/11 memorial is open till 9pm.

  • Dine in style.

Your options for eating or drinking in NYC are too numerous to count. And bleisure travelers can take advantage of the diversity that the city offers. Bars, like Beauty Bar on East 14th Street, are combining services to provide a one-of experience, like martinis and manicures or beers and bowling. The city’s redefined speakeasies and hidden bars, offer the mystery and intrigue of a hidden entrance along with their craft cocktails. And be sure to speak to your travel agent about restaurant recommendations; the city offers the best dining in the world.

  • Sight See Without the Tourists.

New York is an ideal place to play the tourist, but you can avoid the crowds and still enjoy the history and tours that the city offers. The city boasts unique ways for bleisure travelers to enjoy the city—by helicopter or by the culinary delights in each burrow. Or take in the skyline from a luxury harbor dinner cruise that offers portfolio dining and remarkable views.

Extend your next business trip to NYC to make room for your next adventure. Talk to your corporate travel agent, like BlueOrange, to take advantage of all the bleisure possibilities.