An NYC Travel Agent Shares Tourist Mistakes to AvoidYou have a luxury hotel room reserved, tickets to a Broadway show, a plan to dine in the best restaurants. You know all that you should do when you visit New York City, but what about those tourist mistakes you should avoid? How do you discover the local secrets while avoiding the greatest errors that travelers often make? And how do you make the most of your trip to the city? BlueOrange Travel, a NYC travel agency, is here to help by sharing the biggest tourist mistakes to avoid in the Big Apple.

Missing Brooklyn

Walking over the Brooklyn Bridge, the Manhattan skyline, discovering the NYC Transit Museum. Brooklyn offers an entire visit’s worth of things to do, see and eat. Don’t spend all your time in Manhattan and forget that the outer boroughs offer their own charm and places to see. Get to know New York City by stepping out of the usual tourist paths and discovering what else is out there.

Booking a Midtown Hotel

Sure, a place to stay in Midtown may be convenient to Times Square and Theater Row, but hotels, food and shopping in that area are all have prices to refblulect that. Plus, you’ll see more chain stores and restaurants here. But if you’re willing to take a short train ride into the city, then reserving rooms in Brooklyn or Queens can mean more of your budget to play or shop, and a more unique look at the real New York.

Being Afraid

Don’t stress about getting lost or mugged. Don’t fear public transportation or walking a city sidewalk after dark. Yes, New York City has its share of crime, and of course it’s easy to get lost in such a big place. But when you venture out with confidence, you’ll realize that often the best places to see are the ones you didn’t expect. Put the map away. Wander out of your way. Look around you. Enjoy the sights and sounds of the city without distraction or fear.

Walking Like a Tourist

Without fear of the NYC streets, you are free to walk like a New Yorker. So don’t stroll or stop in the sidewalk. Move with purpose, like you would if you were driving on a busy street. If you need to text to stop for any reason, then step to the building-side of the sidewalk and let other passers-by through.

Not Using the Subway

With so many people moving through the city, cars are typically not the fastest way to get anywhere. Caught in traffic or stopped for rush hour, walkers, traffic lights, cabs or cars are almost always slower than the subway. Don’t be afraid of taking your commute underground to save time and money.

Trying to do Everything

New York is a large city, and the idea that you could fit in everything the city offers—or even a third of what the city offers—in a single trip is impossible. Prioritize what you must see this trip, and then take comfort that the city will be here for another trip in the future. Keep some time in your schedule for unexpected detours in your plans. If you want to spend the day walking through Williamsburg, instead of at the Statue of Liberty, then by all means, do it!

Don’t be the obvious tourist in New York City with these tips from BlueOrange, a NYC travel agent. And when you’re ready to plan your trip to New York or anywhere in the world, contact BlueOrange for the best in luxury or corporate travel.