Minimalism isn’t just a trend for blogs and Netflix documentaries. The concept of less is more applies to travel with results that place the emphasis on the experiences you share and the memories you take home rather than on material souvenirs. A boutique or luxury travel agency in NYC or anywhere in the world can help you plan minimalist travel to meet your–however simple–needs. A minimalist mindset will be especially beneficial for a trip that combines business and leisure, or bleisure.

Minimalist travel isn’t only about packing less–although that’s a good place to start. Minimalist travel also includes consuming less for the entire trip. This might include renting a more fuel-efficient car once you arrive at your destination or committing to a downsized travel experience rather than the upgrades that loyalty points can sometimes bring.

And while shedding the excess might mean a less refined experience, it also has its benefits. When you pack light, bringing only what you need, you don’t have to worry about lost luggage or waiting at the baggage carousel. Everything you need is at your fingertips; you are organized; you don’t have to dig to find your passport or earbuds. You’re not worried about your things being safe, which leaves you open to gaze out the train window or to meet someone new.

When you travel like a minimalist, you are granting yourself space to enjoy your destination. You aren’t worried about loosing your extra bag and so you can focus on the mountains in the horizon because you packed simply. You aren’t wondering how to lug souvenirs home because you didn’t buy more than you can carry. Or you can stop to enjoy the musicians on the street corner because you didn’t over schedule your afternoon. There is time and space to take in the most important things about travel–the wonderful differences in the new spaces where you are.

Remember that minimalism is about living with only what you need. It’s a push toward under consuming.

Planning for your minimalist travel approach can set your trip up for success before you even buy your ticket. A boutique travel agency is a great place to start. With it’s tailored approach to each client, a boutique travel agency is focused on providing specialized and unique support to you. Describe your minimalistic approach to your travel agent, and they will be conscious of your preferences before you even discuss which you prefer: window or aisle. Online travel agencies can’t provide the individualized attention or eye for detail. But a boutique travel agent’s dedication to detail and creating the perfect trip will ensure your focus can be on what you will see and experience and not what you’re taking with you.

NYC-based BlueOrange Travel has experience planning minimalist trips for business, leisure, and bleisure travelers. As a boutique travel agency specializing in luxury getaways, their goal is a unique experience that matches your travel priorities.