The benefit list of traveling is long: wider horizons, relaxation and destressing, self-discovery, education about ourselves and the wide world, and more. There are a million reasons to travel for pleasure, often, though we travel because we have to for work. But the growing bleisure trend, or traveling that combines business and leisure, can benefit your career too. NYC travel agency BlueOrange Travel is helping to plan more of these adventures and employees and companies are seeing the positive results.

Because jobs are increasingly remote, adding extra days to work travel has become easier than ever. And employees see the perks because when a company covers the expense for a round-trip plane ticket or transportation, then the employee can experience the destination for minimal cost.

Employees who feel good about adding leisure days to work trips also feel good about their employers. And good morale is the ultimate productivity and team-building tool. Employees who are happy to go to work typically are more efficient and better workers and are less likely to leave the company.

Bleisure time also means that families can often come along on trips at the employee’s expense. Extra family time can also help boost to employee contentment and commitment because workers feel valued by their employer.

When bleisure travel is a priority, employees have an extra factor to use for negotiating salary or raise requirements. Accepting a slightly lower pay raise in exchange for extra flexible travel time might help an employee appear to be more of a team player and a greater asset to the company.

But companies are starting to see the lasting benefit of bleisure travel as well. It’s an opportunity to promote an ideal work-life balance and to show that companies prioritize their employees’ overall health. According to a survey by the Bridgestreet Global Hospitality research firm, 78-percent of employees felt that a business trip felt more rewarding when several days of leisure time were added on.

When you are ready to travel for business, contact NYC travel agency BlueOrange to help you meet all of your travel needs with experience and high-quality customer service.