Packing for a business trip can be an elaborate, bulky project. Suits, shoes, accessories, laptops, files and more can take up more space than you were planning for. This is why finding the best luggage for business travel essential because the best bags have plenty of organized space for what you need to take and is also easy to carry with you wherever you go. Follow this advice from New York City-based travel agent BlueOrange Travel to help you find the bags you need for your style of business travel, whether it’s across the country or around the globe. 

How to Choose the Best Luggage for Business Travel

Consider your business travel choices and preferences before you invest in luggage. Do you primarily take short or extended trips? Do you prefer a bag you can carry on the flight with you? Do you pack your laptop and work materials with your clothes or separately? Your luggage should reflect your travel style, so think about how you would like to travel. The smallest features can make your luggage the best or worst travel companion. Make certain that every aspect of your future suitcase fits your travel needs.  

Style is Everything

When you travel, would you prefer a rolling suitcase, or are you more casual and want to be able to sling a duffle bag over one shoulder to walk through the airport? Decide the style of bag you want first. Duffle bags have the advantage of flexibility. They can hold a lot or a little and expand or contract to fit their contents. But a rolling suitcase might be more secure and better equipped to keep your clothes neatly packed while you travel. Deciding on which style fits your needs best is the first step to picking the best luggage for you. 

Quality Wheels and Handles

Broken wheels or handles that won’t pull out or lock in place can ruin a suitcase. Airlines won’t replace these items if they break while they’re checked, so make sure the luggage has quality and durable parts. Test the wheels to make sure they roll well both with and without a full load. Handles that are part of the suitcase, rather than stuck on, will ensure they last longer. 

Hard Side vs. Soft Side

A hard-side bag might be more durable and take more of a beating through an airport, especially if you need to check the bag. Although a hard-side bag won’t be completely water resistant, it might protect your clothes and gear better from the weather, puddles or spills than a soft-sided bag. But beware that hard-sided cases have been known to crack, making them short lived. Soft-sided cases, on the other hand, are expandable and have some flexibility when you pack, which can give you more room if you need it. 

A Good Warranty is Key

Compare the warranties of the different brands of luggage companies. Your suitcase will be thrown and bumped around, either by the baggage handlers or you. You might feel good about investing more money into a suitcase that will be repaired or replaced by the manufacturer for the life of the bag. Eagle Creek and Briggs & Riley both offer lifetime warranties for their bags. Even a 5 or 10 year warranty can be indispensable. 

Where Will You Travel?

If you intend to carry-on your luggage, then research the airlines carry-on limits. In the US, or limits are significantly larger than some international carriers, so if business takes you worldwide, be prepared with the correct-sized luggage. Consider this chart to help you figure out exactly what you need. 

Easy Identification

Consider how you will find your bag on the baggage carousel or in the line up inside the overhead bin. You might consider a suitcase that is anything other than the typical black. Having a colored bag that stands out from the crowd can make all the difference. Bold, expressive colors, or even a unique luggage tag, can also be helpful if you’re looking for luggage that has been lost by an airline. 

You choose the best luggage for business travel, and let BlueOrange Travel plan all the other travel details. Contact us today to discover how we can exceed your corporate travel needs.