As a startup, your company has a unique set of rules to follow and goals to meet. Additionally, startups have a fresh perspective and take on their industry, and this carries over into their approach of business travel. Budget concerns, flexible and modern work styles and an emphasis on employee satisfaction can all play a part in which of a travel agent’s business travel services a company should rely on most. BlueOrange Travel is an expert in planning business travel for startups and well established companies. Read on to discover which travel services are best suited for startup companies. 

Which Business Travel Services are Best for Startups?

Consider your business travel choices and preferences before you invest in luggage. Do you primarily take short or extended trips? Do you prefer a bag you can carry on the flight with you? Do you pack your laptop and work materials with your clothes or separately? Your luggage should reflect your travel style, so think about how you would like to travel. The smallest features can make your luggage the best or worst travel companion. Make certain that every aspect of your future suitcase fits your travel needs.  

Industry Knowledge

A startup might benefit from the expertise of a travel agent if it falls into these categories: 

  • Has a company traveling system
  • Makes frequent, last-minute changes to travel plans
  • Travels frequently enough to qualify for deep discounts

The overall organization and ability to match travel needs to the ideal flights, hotels, transportation and more is a travel agent’s greatest strength. An agent who understands the travel industry, has developed relationships with vendors and knows your company’s travel style well is best able to fulfill your company’s needs. 

Budget Consciousness

A business travel services case study from The New York Times has reported that travel booked through online agents is often more expensive for identical travel booked with an agent. This means that your startup can plan the same high-end travel that you expect while staying on budget. 


Travel plans change and shift frequently. These changes in plans can be detrimental to a company’s budget and time, but a travel agent can handle these shifts easily to ensure travel is smooth, no matter what changes may come. 

Employee Satisfaction

Often times, startup employees are fueled by passion rather than a high paycheck. Startup companies, though, do have other resources to ensure their employees are happy. Travel is one way. With a travel plan that ensures employees have the flexibility to add days for leisure to their business trip, is one way. Travel agents can work with with an employee and within a company’s travel plan, keeping everyone happy. This approach is especially popular with younger employees. Additionally, travel agents have intimate industry connections that can mean upgrades for your employees when they travel. 

Emergency Plans

Business travel is always at the mercy of outside forces. Weather or natural disaster, mechanical failure, unforeseen forces can all affect frequent corporate travel, making it less productive and more of a headache. But a travel agent can be available to address these issues as they happen, or in some cases, before they happen. Flights can be redirected out of a bad storm. Reservations has hotels with unexpected closings can be moved to other hotels. Ground transportation can be arranged with Lyft isn’t available. When the unexpected occurs, being able to contact a person, rather than a web site, to help takes the stress out of business travel. 

Essential Time Saving

The time-saving elements of relying on a corporate travel agent are numerous. Employes are free to focus on their work goals when they don’t have to scour the internet to stay on an extended hold for the perfect flight. Let your workforce do the work they were hired for, and let your trusted corporate travel agent do the work they are experts doing. 

Plus, as your business grows and changes, a qualified travel agent will grow with you, adapting to your growing needs and company changes, and so ensuring your business needs are met well into the future. 

A qualified and passionate corporate travel agent, like BlueOrange Travel, will support your startup’s travel needs in the following, critical ways. 

  • Help to grow your company’s culture and employee satisfaction
  • Help your company to grow by supporting policy, budget and business plans

These business travel services will make your company stronger overall, both now and into the future. Support your business, and contact BlueOrange for booking business travel and to exceed your corporate travel planning needs.