Can’t take time off work for a vacation or more time to travel than their parents ever dreamed of. Tons of cash to spend on high-end hotels or wanting the best deal on accommodations so they have more money to spend on activities. No kids to come home to or children in tow so family-friendly activities are essential.

These are the millennials who are flocking to bleisure travel, a relatively new style of traveling that says work trip should be a pleasurable extension of our lives instead of a chore. These young travelers may have contrasting demands at work, varying budgets they keep to, and home lives that aren’t similar at all, but what they share is a need to get out and travel beyond the mundane. What they all want is some fun instead of humdrum, so they’re mixing business with leisure whenever they can and they’re taking any opportunity that work travel provides to squeeze in amazing and memorable encounters.

Are you missing out on what they’re getting in on?

The Faces of Millennial Bleisure Travel

Many millennials work demanding jobs that offer high pay but little free time, and when they travel it’s often just for a meeting or a convention. Some have flexible work schedules that let them take off and do business around the world, so when they’re gone they’re looking to lit it up. Gen Yers in general like to spend their money on experiences more than things, and they’re constantly looking to enjoy the moment whether it’s alone or with those they love. Because work is a huge part of life for millennials, due to a drive for success or a desire to leave their mark on the planet, it makes sense that they would opt for bleisure travel.

Mixing Business with Pleasure

Bleisure travel gives millennials the chance to see a few famous landmarks in Los Angeles or Paris, in between business bookings and dealings, in case they don’t dare skip away for a week-long leisure trip of their own. It lets them stay in a beachfront cabana in Bali that still has good enough Wi-Fi to send stories back to an editor. Bleisure travel makes it possible for working parents to spend time with their babies, as they eat meals with them while abroad and see them take first steps that might otherwise be missed. Millennials travel for business more often than any other generation, taking an average of 4.7 trips per year. Compare this to the 4.2 leisure vacations they make annually, and you can see the potential for enjoying travel (and life) more by bleisuring the heck out of any work-related journey.

It’s Time to Get Away

Millennials have a predisposition to loving travel, which makes them yearn for a better business trip than one offering drab hotel guest rooms and boring catered meals for dinner. Their generation lives deep in social media, where Instagram and Facebook pages are constantly showing postcard-perfect pictures of white sand beaches and small shopping villages that inspire.

The Internet tempts with the possibilities for trying a new exotic dish or swimming in an infinity pool leading to seemingly nowhere. If you can’t get away to experience this on your own time or dime, or if you can, work it into a bleisure travel trip and reap many benefits.

Whether your company will pick up much of the tab for choice hotels and restaurants, or you’ll foot the bill just to be able to enjoy fantastic spaces and places in between networking and deal making, BlueOrange Travel will arrange a bleisure trip to give you those great times you’re looking for in a life that can be all too short to miss them. We have a team of experienced travel professionals ready to make sure you hit up all of the best museums in NYC or sit down for the perfect cup of tea in a Japanese teahouse. BlueOrange Travel is here to make your next business trip the most it can be.