Your company needs to be where business is, and often that means an extensive plans for cross country or world wide travel. Among other things, travel can benefit sales, training and networking, making it an essential part of business. But it’s also a large expense, which is why companies need a managed business travel program. BlueOrange Travel, a travel agent based in New York City, has experience managing travel programs for corporate clients and clearly sees the advantage for modern business.

Why Does Your Company Need a Business Travel Program?

A good business travel program balances the needs of employees while they travel, including their preferences and plans, with the company’s larger goals. Additionally, it helps dictate how much employees travel, 

A managed travel program is necessary in order to balance the needs employees traveling for work and the company’s larger goals. Despite the concerns to restrictions and lack of options, a travel program helps to get travelers where they need to go in the style they desire. Additionally, these programs offer benefits that in-house travel planners can’t deliver.

Concise Reporting

The right managed business travel program is about to provide a clear, succinct, comprehensive view of your travel spending and track your company’s preferences. These benchmarks can be used to provide a detailed plan to achieve the goals of your travel program. Actional analytics allows you to manage costs and plan for the future. It can also allow your travel planner to negotiate preferred rates on criteria like volume. Plus, regular measurement and comparisons of your key performance indicators ensures your plan’s long-term success.

Save Money

By establishing relationships and connections with vendors worldwide, travel managers are able to save money to clients with travel programs. Additional discounts can also be added for volume bookings or loyalty programs. The guidelines set forth in a business travel program makes these preferences and rules easy to track and implement.

Focus, Efficiency and Productivity

With an effective travel program in place, your employees can skip wasting time searching for the best travel deals and schedules. Ensure your company’s growth and focus while allowing an expert to plan your travel within the guidelines that help your company.

Employee Safety and Peace of Mind

Companies are responsible for the safety of their employees while they are working. Known as “duty of care,” this issue is complicated in today’s travel world. Give everyone a safety net and peace of mind for when the unexpected happens during business trips. A managed business travel program ensures that your employees have access to an experienced travel agent who can quickly and easily reroute to avert extensive (and expensive) travel delays or solve even difficult issues, sometimes even before you even realize they are issues. Whether the issue is weather, security or simply a missed flight, a travel program ensures there’s a plan in place for even with the worst-case scenario happens.

Essential Information Center

When your business has a clear travel program in place, it becomes an information center for employees. This allows your employees the resources and opportunities to research the answers to their travel questions. Questions about visas or hotels in budget can all be answers easily. This allows your employees the opportunity to be proactive in their own business travel, but it also allows them to take ownership of their own travel easily.

Continued Improvement

A managed business travel program is the best way to ensure your company receives the return you make on your travel investment. With proactive management, you can ensure that your travel plan is being followed and is effectively working to help your company grow on a worldwide stage.

BlueOrange Travel is ready to help your company develop and manage an effective business travel plan. Visit our web site for more information or contact us today.