Your business takes you all over the country, maybe all over the world. Growing economies in areas like China or India ensure that companies that cater to a worldwide customer base need to travel easily and efficiently. But how do you ensure that each trip your employees take is efficient, consistent and beneficial to your bottom line? A business travel planner ensures your employees can eliminate concerns over travel logistics and focus on their business. Experienced travel planners, like BlueOrange Travel, are essential to companies planning travel because of what they do to keep employees organized, prepared and efficient.

Why a Business Travel Planner is Your Greatest Corporate Asset

They Save Your Time

Planning travel can be time consuming. It can drastically cut into the time your employees could be focused on expanding your business. A qualified business travel planner will be able to book your corporate trips with your company’s travel plans and preferences in mind. This saves you time and ensures you ideal bookings.

They’re Connected to the Industry

Connections count when it comes to travel. Knowing the industry and having vendor connections means that your business travel planner is able to act quickly if there’s an emergency or even land a coveted and unexpected upgrade. This firsthand insight can be invaluable for employees’ efficiency and comfort on the road.

They Understand and Recognize Value

Your corporate travel planner knows when it is the perfect time your purchase tickets or book hotel rooms, and in a world where travel prices can change minute to minute, that is an invaluable asset.

They are Extremely Organized

Travel managers work in details. How many people are traveling? Who needs to go when? What time do they prefer to fly and which seat do they like best? These are the details can make or break business travel, but your travel manager is able to keep track and plan accordingly. Their project management and multi-tasking skills are invaluable to a company that travels often.

They Stay Calm, Even in Emergencies

Late meetings, missed flights, weather delays, blackouts, travel restrictions. No matter the reason, your business travel manager can handle it. Plans often change, but the best agents will have a solution to any travel-related emergency.

They Know Your Company’s Travel Policy

Your company needs a corporate travel policy to provide company-wide travel guidelines that keep the budget and company goals in mind. Your business travel manager can work with your policy. If you don’t have a policy, then the right manager can even help you craft one that will work with your company’s culture and goals.

They Can Handle Big and Small Accounts

No matter how big your company is, or how big you want it to be, top travel managers can handle the volume. Plus, your company will feel like a priority to your travel manager. Your goals, deadlines and preferences are all important to them.

They Provide a Human Touch

An online travel agency probably doesn’t care that your meeting ran over and you missed your flight or that you needed to extend your stay to make sure you land an account, but your travel planner will. They put a human face on a large and daunting industry and provide personal service where and when you need it. But even with this welcomed humanity, top managers may also be backed by a powerful agency (like Tzell) that can help make bookings and reschedules happen.

They Care About People and Relationships

It might start as a business arrangement, but the relationship between corporate travel planner and company should be long lasting and strong. The best planners care to keep track of the details, personal preferences, and will answer calls and act quickly. They care about your employees as individuals and your business as a whole. If both sides invest in the relationship, then the benefits can be far reaching.

BlueOrange Travel has years of experience as a business travel planner for VIP corporate travelers and creative teams. To start establishing your relationship and planning future business travel, contact BlueOrange today.