Making the decision to hire a business travel agency isn’t always simple. Even if you recognize some of the benefits, maybe you still wonder if an agency is right for your business, your employees or your bottom line.  How do you know if an agency is right? New York City travel agent BlueOrange Travel, has experience planning business travel for a wide variety of clients across many industries, and can help you understand exactly why a business travel agency makes perfect sense.

How Do You Know if You Are Ready to Hire a Business Travel Agency?

Has Your Travel Budget Recently Grown?

Your business is growing, and employees have to travel more. That’s obvious. But are there ways you could be spending less on travel? How can you save money traveling while still maintaining your business’s growth? If your company has outgrown online travel sites, or if you wonder if there’s a better way than booking directly with the airline, then a business travel agency might be your best option. By relying on established relationships and extensive industry knowledge, an agency is able to give you even better rates that you could find yourself. Plus, your employees can skip the headache and time waste that comes with scouring the web for the best deals. Let an agency help you analyze your spending and integrate that information in your travel plan and budget.

Do you Recognize Your Own Limitations?

You are really good at your business. You and your employees know your industry, product, clients and more. But you might not know travel as well, and that’s okay. But a business travel agency does. Travel is a rapidly changing industry that requires constant attention and know-how. Outsourcing your travel planning to qualified agents means you’ll always be on the cutting edge of travel trends and processes. Free your employees to focus on your business while your agency works to save you time, stress and money. Plus, when the unexpected happens—like mechanical failure, national security, weather—your business travel agency can help you through that as well.

Do you want a more customized approach?

Are you frustrated with online travel sites offering you the same deals and options as everyone else. Your competitors, clients or even individual tourists can all get similar prices for the same flights and hotels at the click of a mouse. But a qualified agent recognizes that your company’s needs are unique and could be ever changing. Do you know your schedule well in advance? Do you often book travel at the last minute? An agent like BlueOrange is able to plan travel that fits your company and employees best, every time. Travel can be customized for preferred schedules, favorite seat on the plane, hotel preferences and more. Your company deserves individualized travel that meets or exceeds its needs.

Do You Value Your Employees’s Satisfaction and Happiness?

More than staying in budget or meeting your quarterly quota, you want your employees to really love their jobs. So let a corporate travel agency help you. Hassle-free booking and the peace of mind that comes with travel support can help your employees feel valued and essential, and happy employees are more likely to stay with your company for the long haul. Plus, a great agent might be able to negotiate perks like room or flight upgrades, free breakfasts or VIP status with rental car agencies or airlines.  

If you answered “Yes!” to any of these questions, then your company could likely benefit by a qualified business travel agent like BlueOrange Travel. Contact us today to discover how we can help your business thrive.