There are so many ways to book travel for business, so why do business travelers still prefer business travel agencies? The answer is this: travel agencies that specialize in corporate trips, like NYC-based BlueOrange Travel, can offer their clients a huge number of benefits that are unavailable to travelers who book their travel other ways. From exceptional customer service to money saving options, business travel agents are a proven asset to corporate travelers.

Travel Agencies are Still the Top Option for Corporate Travelers

What is a Business Travel Agency?

Business Travel Agencies can be individual contractors, or preferably, they can be part of a travel management company. In business travel, employees can be constantly on the road or only flying occasionally, leading to travel management issues that are time consuming and costly if not managed correctly. Travel management companies (TMCs) solve these problems by providing efficient solutions to businesses and corporate enterprises with people, services, and technology to manage their travel management needs. 

What are the Business Travel Management Needs addressed by Travel Agencies?

Business travel agencies keep digital profiles of all travelers in an organization to ensure continuity of service across agents and after hour services. Working as a TMC, business travel agencies ensure that corporate travel policy is appropriate for the company’s needs. For example, it can be stated in the travel policy that first-class seating is not allowed. These policies can be enforced at booking and ticketing, ensuring compliance. Policy management reduces costs for companies and increases conformity.

TMCs often also provide online or call-in systems to book travel, based on the preferences of the company. Technology like Concur can be installed to manage and account for travel expenses. TMCs help negotiate contracts with vendors to get the best deals and perks. TMCs can assist with the company’s Duty of Care requirements. Ensuring the safety and security of employees while they are traveling on business can be one of the biggest stressors for travel managers. Additional services provided by business travel agencies include mobile application, executive travel services, meetings and events support, reporting functionality, and more.

What Information can a Travel Agent Give a Business Traveler?

In a business world where information is the key to success, a corporate travel agent can provide you with endless information for any flight or trip. A travel agent has access to powerful online tools as well as a network of knowledgeable vendors at their fingertips. Essential information includes flight delays, whether your driver will pick you up when you land or travel warnings that concern your destination or any travel points along the way. 

This information access can give business travelers peace of mind, because agents are able to act on what they find out. If weather or political unrest delays travel, then an agent is able to change travel plans and fix problems even before they arise. Extra information ensures a smoother trip, every time.

What Business Travel Perks and Greater Savings can a Travel Agent Provide?

While an online travel agent may seem convenient and cheaper at first glance, a business travel agent can consistently offer greater savings to your business. Because agents are connected with the industry, they have access to savings that even the online retailers don’t. When they pass those savings on to their clients, your business wins. In addition to savings on airline prices, travel agents can use their relationships with vendors like hotels and ground transportation to often offer you upgrades, reduced rates, restaurant vouchers, access to the VIP lounge and more.

How can Travel Agents leverage Exclusive Travel Knowledge to a Corporation’s Benefit?

Let your corporate travel agent apply their unique industry knowledge and years of experience to your travel situation. What they know and the information they have access to isn’t known by the general public. For example, your agent might know when a flight’s price will drop so you can get where you need to go for less money than if you booked the flight yourself. This information can also be essential to getting flight or hotel upgrades, which can make all the difference on long, international flights.

Changes to your itinerary are also simplified when an agent is planning your travel. If your meeting goes over, you need to stay longer to seal your deal, or you accidentally oversleep and miss your flight, your business travel agent is able to rebook flights without the costly fees that an airline might typically charge. This could save you thousands of dollars each year.

Why Travel Agents are the Best Resource in Case of a Corporate Travel Emergency

If you’re traveling to an unfamiliar area, or if you don’t speak the language, your agent can help when the unexpected happens, and the unexpected will happen. If there’s a winter storm or hurricane, if there’s political unrest or even just mechanical issues, you could find yourself stranded. But your business travel agent is able to sort out the problem and address the issues quickly, no matter where you are in the world. A qualified agent gives you peace of mind and takes the stress out of any seemingly dire situation.

Hiring a business travel agency is still the best choice for any company to take the headache and stress out of travel planning and to give employees the best travel experience. Contact BlueOrange Travel today to discuss how we can help make your travel seamless.