Travel is meant to inspire, delight your senses and let you experience new and exciting things. Cities like New Orleans do all that and more, making it a popular destination. Artists, musicians, fashion gurus and more can travel to the Crescent City and find inspiration, luxury treatment and a unique escapades. BlueOrange is one of the Tzell Travel Group’s boutique travel agencies and is well versed in entertainment travel. Keep reading to discover the hidden gems and travel secrets in New Orleans.

Boutique Travel Agencies Reveal the Best of New Orleans

The Music

All musical genres are celebrated and welcomed in New Orleans. Recognized as the birthplace of jazz, the is defined by its sounds and harmonies. But all sounds, including blues, ragtime, and French dance music are what the city is known for. When you visit New Orleans, spend time listening to the music that flows freely through the streets and out of bars and clubs everywhere you go.

Venues like Preservation Hall are dedicated to conserving the historic New Orleans sound. Located in the French Quarter, the building exudes personality with an unassuming exterior, peeling paint, wrought iron and dim lights. World renown musicians play Dixieland style jazz to packed houses all year long. Music sets are typically an hour, and the general admission house is typically overflowing with a crowd as much into the history as the music.

Of course, the famous venues aren’t the only ones with good music. Head to the unassuming, cash-only Spotted Cat Music Club to dance to swing and jazz or Buffa’s Bar and Restaurant has musicians all day Sunday and evenings during their casual dinner hours.

Possibly the best place to hear music in New Orleans is in the street. Each Sunday from October to May, brass bands parade through the African American neighborhoods of the city. Called Second Lines, these performances highlight the Afro-Caribbean-influenced music and dancing.

The sounds of rock, metal, punk, R&B, country and funk all have a home in the Crescent City. Eclectic sounds reverberate on the edge of the city and in venues like the All Ways Lounge, located on the edge of the city. But the quirky, experimental music draws a wide following.

The Art

A century ago, the French Quarter was the city’s bohemian haven, filled with artists and unique expressions of the city. Today, artists have moved away from the tourist-driven quarter and to the Warehouse District. The Contemporary Arts Center strives to make New Orleans a cultural leader by presenting, producing and promoting modern art. The city’s art galleries boast colorful and creative works that help to define the city’s atmosphere and personality.

Theater and drama are typical of the city. With a world-class philharmonic orchestra, ballet, dance companies, local and national theater, New Orleans is overflowing with performance art. The famed Orpheum Theater is located in the heart of the theater district and provides a historic and beautiful space for theater, performances and concerts.

The Fashion

Home to its own fashion week, New Orleans is the Southern capital of the fashion world. With more than 50 runway shows over five days each March, New Orleans Fashion Week strives to spotlight the designer, makeup artists, hair stylists and models through the region. Additionally, a growing list of designers, like Tabitha Bethune, Alicia Zenobia and Pedram Taheri, call NOLA home and draw from the city’s creativity and cultural influences.

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