Traveling for work can add excitement to any work week and help add a little of the unexpected into a usual routine. But some destinations are better than others when it comes to creating an atmosphere of inspiration. So where you should travel for this dose of motivation and encouragement? Corporate travel agencies like New York City’s BlueOrange can offer suggestions for traveling to the best destinations, both in the US and abroad, that can shift your perspectives, boost creativity and innovation and improve your networking opportunities, both professionally and personally.

Corporate Travel Agencies Divulge Where to Travel for Business Inspiration

Austin, Texas

With an ever-growing startup community and is the state capital, Austin has become a top destination for business travel. The city is brimming with incubators and co-working spaces that make it easy for business owners and employees to be productive away from the office, but more than a business-focused city, Austin is full of creative energy. SXSW, the annual technology-driven and interactive film and music festival happens each March and attracts entrepreneurs from a variety of fields. Additionally, Austin is known as a creative hub and is home to a large creative community of writers, musicians, artists, and the businesses here have embraced this angle. The Creative Ham writes, “there is a creative angle associated with virtually all new companies (and increasingly with the established ones).”

San Francisco, California

Consistently recognized as a business destination, San Francisco is the heart of Silicon Valley and the technology that comes from it. The city, though, is also well known for its forward-thinking style and creative thinking. While visiting, draw inspiration from the history in famous attractions like Alcatraz, the Golden Gate Bridge or Fisherman’s Wharf, or stroll through the city to admire the painted murals, unique architecture or water views. The city is the ideal blend of past and present that has inspired businesses to creative thinking for years.

Costa Rica

More than just a vacation destination, Costa Rica has become known as an inspiring business destination as well. As the home of a large population of remote workers and ex-patriots who choose to live in paradise and work remotely, Costa Rica inspires with beautiful jungles, beaches and mountains. The Central American country also provides an opportunity for business looking to stretch their budget because the American dollar is strong and goes far here.

New York City, New York

Home of one of the world’s most powerful financial institutions and an unmatched theater and art industry, New York is an obvious choice for this list of inspiring business destinations. The Big Apple is also one of the easiest places on the planet to network with like-minded professionals, making it both inspiring and rewarding. Stroll through the city to admire the street art and architecture, take in a Broadway play, stop into one of the city’s many world-class museums. The city is brimming with energy and creative purpose.

London, England

Affluent and influential, London has always been one of Europe’s most-recognized cities for business. Home to many of the continent’s largest corporations, the city is balanced by it’s refined and unique culture that includes historic and modern aspects. Royal architecture, museums with famous art and antiquities, unforgettable dining experiences and a bustling nightlife make the city inspiring for both business and creatives. The popular sights and attractions pair well with unexpected treasures like the the Kyoto Japanese Garden in Holland Park or amazing shops like Daunt Books.

Wherever business takes you, corporate travel agencies like BlueOrange are ready to help you plan your trip. As a leading travel management company, we offer personalized service and vast industry connections. Contact BlueOrange for the very best in business and luxury travel.