In the modern world of point, click, book travel, it’s sometimes hard to remember how essential a travel agency can be to the process. Online travel agents make it simple to plan flights or book hotels, but what happens when something goes wrong on your vacation? What happens when flights are delayed, hotels are missing reservations, or during medical emergencies? This is when a travel agent can be essential to your travel plans. BlueOrange, a New York City travel agency, shares why you should rely on a travel professional for when the unexpected happens on your trip.

A New York City Travel Agency and Contingency Plans

What Could Go Wrong?

The old adage says that even the best laid plans sometimes fail. Nothing about travel is completely in anyone’s control. From weather to mechanical failure, from policy changes to overbooked flights, it is impossible to manage every second of every trip perfectly. This is both the beauty and the curse of traveling. Impromptu experiences can be the most memorable, but when you plan to make it to the morning meeting, and your flight is grounded because of mechanical issues you might not be as open to making new memories.

What Can You Do?

This is when a travel agent is your greatest ally.

Consider your agent your travel advocate. From the other side of the planet or across the nation, a well-connected travel professional, like New York City travel agency BlueOrange, is able to address your issues quickly and professionally.

Travel agents rely on their industry and network connections not only to plan travel, but also to help resolve any issues that can come up during your trip. When your plane is grounded because of weather or missing crew, a travel agent is able to deal directly with the airline to help reroute your flights so you can still make your meeting. Or if your hotel room isn’t what you anticipated, the agent can work to make sure you sleep soundly in the room you want.

Additionally, a travel agent might be able to spot the issues before they arise. As professionals, they understand the signs of problematic travel before you might even spot them. U.S. News and World Report points out that “an airline will notify an agent first and there are automated systems in place, making it easy to rebook itineraries right away in the event of a natural disaster.” This means that when you book with an agent, you have an extra layer of security that doesn’t come from an online travel agency.

Knowledge is Power

This year, marks the Year of the Travel Agent, which means that you are in capable and knowledgeable hands. With connections to airlines, hotels, cruise lines, vendors and more, agents like BlueOrange are able to plan and execute the best trips that offer travelers the best value. This knowledge is also essential in troubleshooting the problems that come up.

Armed with experience and ready on a moment’s notice, travel managers know whom to contact and what the best problem solving approach might be. This essential knowledge will save you both time, money and headache that trying to fix your issues by yourself.

Rely on New York City travel agency, BlueOrange, to book your travel, and then feel confident that they are prepared to handle your problems and issues that arise on your vacation or business trip.

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