If you spend much time on the road for business travel, you may find yourself wondering how to streamline the process, simplify your routine and make the entire experience better. Between packing, flights, hotels and staying connected to your work and personal life, traveling for work can be a real headache. But even if you have to travel frequently or far, the process doesn’t have to be a headache. In fact, BlueOrange, a New York City—based travel agent, has these tips and ideas to make your business travel life smooth from packing to baggage claim.

Simple Business Travel Tips for Your Next Work Trip

Start with Your Routine

When it comes to frequent traveling for work, establishing a routine can make all the difference. By clearly defining the specific times when you will eat, exercise, sleep and more ensures that you do all of those things, even when your schedule is altered by flights or travel schedules. When you work within a routine, you can be more efficient and focused, and you’re less likely to forget your commitments. A solid routine also ensures that you take care of yourself, even if your demanding schedule makes it more difficult.

Pack with a Plan

One of the most useful business travel tips is to pack only what you need. Consider neutral tones, and pieces that can be worn from the office to a client dinner. Also consider rolling your clothes so you have more space in your suitcase. If you travel to the same destination frequently, then keep a list of exactly what you need and stick to it. Essentials, like your toiletries, can stay packed between trips, saving you precious minutes the next time you pack. For more packing tips, be sure to read this BlueOrange blog post.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for the Upgrade

Sure, you won’t always get it, but asking for an upgrade at your hotel or rental car desk can be beneficial. Sometimes the better seat on the flight is available, and sometimes a nicer rental car can be negotiated, but don’t assume that because you ask you will receive. If you can, wait until the line isn’t long to ask for an upgrade or to try to negotiate, and always remember to be nice.

Know Before Your Go

If you travel between time zones, especially overseas, then knowing what will alleviate your jet lag is essential. Scheduling the later flight so you can sleep, staying hydrated, putting yourself on the new schedule right away are all options to combat jet lag, but find what works best for you before you leave home. Not only will you feel better, but you will have more focus and feel better overall during your trip and after you get home.

Be a Joiner

Consider signing up for loyalty programs that can give you benefits even after you travel. Airlines, hotels, credit card companies and more all provide extra benefits, even when you aren’t traveling. Brand loyalty means a lot to large companies, and the elite status they offer can mean upgrades, perks and other bonuses for your future personal trips.

Also consider signing up for programs like TSA Pre-Check or Global Entry, a U.S. Customs and Border Protection program that will pre-qualify travelers for expedited customs. These programs allow certain travelers to avoid the hassle and headache of the security or customs lines, making travel smoother and less of a headache.

Skip the headache with these business travel tips from BlueOrange Travel. Contact us to plan your next corporate or luxury trip. We offer our clients the very best in bespoke travel.