Packing light for travel can be a real chore. With outfits needed for the office, travel time and leisure, it can be difficult to be both efficient and thorough. The pressure can double when you travel to a large city, like New York, when navigating the city with large suitcases becomes much harder, but there is still a need for a variety of wardrobe choices. Packing light when you travel for business doesn’t have to be such a headache. It is possible to fit everything you need into a carry-on, no matter how long your trip will be. Follow these recommendations from BlueOrange, a travel agent based New York City that specializes in business and luxury travel to the city and worldwide.

Packing Light for Travel to New York City for Business

Start with the Right Bag

If you’re a frequent business traveler, investing in the right bag can make all the difference. A light-weight carry-on that will fit in the overhead bin and easily roll through the train station, airport or city street will make your travel days easier, but it will also make it easier to pack. Hard-sided suitcases offer structure to keep your clothes in place during travel, so you can look your best when living out of your bag. Plus, you can avoid the extra baggage fees that come with checking your luggage and the time wasted waiting for your things at the luggage carousel.

Pack Separates

Think about where you’re going in the city and what kind of clothes you will need, then look for overlap. Can you wear black pants to both your corporate meeting and then change only your top to go out for a nice dinner or a Broadway show? Clothes that can be worn more than once are essential for packing light when you travel. To be most efficient, look for neutral colors that will match a variety of shades. These pieces are much more versatile and are also less likely to be recognized if you wear them again. You can also add color and style into any outfit with accessories—like scarves, jewelry, shoes, belts and more—in bold colors.

Roll Your Clothes

If you carefully roll your clothes instead of folding them flat, you not only save space in your bag, but you’re also less likely to arrive with wrinkles in your shirts. Well-rolled business clothes will fit tightly into your suitcase and take up less space overall, and even your suit jackets can be rolled. Consider rolling outfits together as a time save before your morning meeting and to remove the guesswork out of getting dressed each morning. For an even tighter roll, use rubber bands to secure your clothes.

Maximize Your Shoe Space

You might feel limited to bringing a single pair to shoes to save space, but this is not necessarily the case. You can fill your shoes with essentials and make them an integral part of packing. Socks, underwear, undershirts, camisoles and more all roll and fit easily inside your favorite shoes. Even so, consider wearing your bulkiest pair while you travel. Boots and sneakers might both be essential to your trip, but it could be most efficient to wear them on the plane or train.

Commit to Washing on the Road

Business Insider recommends splurging on your hotel’s laundry services, especially for extended business trips. Even if you’re taking a small bottle of detergent with you to wash and rinse your clothes in the hotel sink each night, doing laundry on the road can save valuable luggage space and simplify packing light for travel.

Stick to Thin Layers

No matter the weather in the city, stick to layers when you think about what to pack. In winter weather, adding more thin layers can help to keep you warm. During summer in the city, you can take off your cardigan or other layers to stay cooler. By thinking in layers, you make your outfits both more functional and more flexible, both are essential when you pack for a trip to New York City.

Whether your are Packing light for travel to New York City for business or packing for Italy for leisure it doesn’t have to be difficult or impossible. BlueOrange Travel recommends that you take the time to make a plan, and be consistent each time you travel. You’ll find yourself with less excess and more efficiency in your packing, leaving you free to enjoy your time in the city.

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