When you pack for colder climates in the winter, you’re likely to get trapped between, “Do I really need my winter coat” and “How many sweaters is too many?” It’s easy to want to take all of your winter choices when you know the temperatures are dropping at your destination, but if you’re trying to fit everything into your carry-on, you might be disappointed. BlueOrange, a corporate and luxury travel planner based in New York City, has the following advice to ensure you’re prepared and well packed no matter where your traveling too.

Start with Neutral Colors

You are likely to layer sweaters with something underneath, and the cooler temperatures mean that you won’t sweat through your outer layers. So, consider packing several sweaters that you plan to wear more than once. By choosing neutral colors, like earth tones or black, you’ll be able to mix and match easier with the other pieces in your suitcase.

Remember Shoes to Match the Weather

Yes, your heels look amazing with everything that you’ve packed, but are they smart on snow and ice? Consider your destination carefully and plan your footwear accordingly. Find boots with good traction and material that will keep you warm. If you have to pack dress shoes, then consider a bag to carry them and put them on after you arrive at the office while you wear your boots on the street. Also, if you wear your bulkiest shoes on the plane, then you’ll save precious space in your suitcase.

Accessories Make the Outfit (and More)

When you pack the right accessories, you can change the look of an outfit easily and efficiently. A different tie can change the entire suit. Scarves add color and can be transitioned from a neck wrap to a shawl to even a blanket on a chilly airplane or a head scarf in a blizzard. A vest can be a stylish alternative that also adds an extra layer of warmth. Consider packing accordingly.

Think About Layers

You might not be hitting the ski slopes on this trip, but including clothes that can be layered like you would wear your ski clothes can be an efficient way to keep yourself warm and to pack minimally. Women can wear fleece-lined leggings instead of tights or under slacks to a business meeting, and men could opt for long-underwear layers beneath their trousers. Think t-shirts that pair well with sweaters or work shirts, or consider cardigans that can be easily worn and removed if you don’t need the extra layers indoors.

Making it All Fit

Think about the game of Tetris, and apply those principles to your packing. If you are trying to make all your clothes fit in a carry-on, then be sure what you’re packing is essential before you make room for it. Do you need that extra sweater? Are flip-flops necessary? Heaviest items, like your shoes or thick sweaters, go on the bottom so your suitcase won’t tip over when you stand it upright. Roll items like leggings tightly, and tuck socks, gloves or your toboggan into your shoes to save space. Wear your bulkiest items, like your boots and heavy coat, on the airplane. You’ll be glad you did when you step out of the airport.

Stay warm this winter no matter whether you have a trip planner for Italy or New York , just make sure when you travel you use with these packing tips from BlueOrange, a NYC travel supreme planner. Contact us when you’re ready to plan your business trip or leisure getaway.