Are you taking complete advantage of your company’s bleisure policy to combines business and leisure travel? Chances are you could do more to get the most out of every bleisure getaway you plan. After all, bleisure is about so much more than staying over an extra day to lounge by the hotel pool. There are so many ways to ensure you are treating every bleisure day as the ultimate vacation. Take the advice of corporate travel advisor, BlueOrange. Based in New York City and dedicated to planning luxury corporate and bleisure travel, BlueOrange offers their tips so you can be sure you will experience bleisure at its finest.

When you start your business trip planning, make sure your work obligations are scheduled around the weekends. When you travel for business immediately before or after a weekend, not only are you avoiding the busy mid-week rush in your office, but you also ensure you have free time in your destination, and you won’t have to take as many vacation or personal days.

Consider your bleisure time a true vacation. When you put yourself in this mindset, you are more likely to relax fully and to find the attractions and happenings that will make your extra days more of a vacation. Talk to your travel agent or do some research in advance so that you know about your destination and what you’d like to do in your free time.

Be sure to include some down time too. Chances are that you will be tired from your work obligations, so consider adding quiet time for you to recharge and unwind. Don’t come home from your bleisure trip more exhausted than when you left.

Don’t forget your family! If you worry that you already spend too much time away from your family for work obligations, then consider a bleisure vacation with them. Talk to your company about their policy on traveling with your partner or children, and then plan some time with them before or after your meetings and work events are taken care of. The bleisure trip can be perfect and much-needed downtime for you and your significant other or your children.

Decide on what you’d like to spend your extra time and money on. Like doing advanced research, knowing your vacation priorities in advance will help you to make the most of your time and money. Consider the area you will be in. Are there restaurants that make your mouth water? What about local attractions or museums you won’t find anywhere else? How about theme parks or beaches that your family will love? Are there tours you don’t want to miss? This is your vacation, so make the most of your time and spending money.

Bleisure like a pro and enjoy every second of your leisure time on any business tip. Let BlueOrange help you with your personal and corporate travel plans to ensure your trip is one you will always remember.