Corporate team building activities have come along way from trust falls or company picnics. What traditional team building exercises lack have all been updated with new, and much more exciting versions. Many business owners and team leaders are turning to adventure experiences that will thrill, excite and create lasting memories—think white water rafting or a spelunking and caving expeditions. The benefits of these adventures are long lasting and far reaching, making this high-excitement style of team building valuable to a growing number of businesses. BlueOrange Travel, a New York City–based travel agency, is experienced in the advantages and results of corporate adventure travel.

Corporate Team Building Activities: The Advantage is Clear

Increase Productivity and Retention

Business executives have realized that corporate team building activities and bonding opportunities don’t have to be stuffy and formal. In fact, when the team leaves the office or boardroom and breaks out of the traditional boxes, the results are widespread.

Companies that invest in exciting adventures and travel experiences for their employees have seen that teams bond faster and feel closer, both in the moment of adventure and afterward. After returning to work, employees are seen to be more productive and efficient. As with corporate retreats, sharing experiences makes conversations easier. The instant common ground forged with blood-pumping adventure only increases the feelings of closeness.

Adventure travel also reminds employees that they still have what it takes to perform in a volatile environment and make split-second decisions. Sealing the next big contract, dealing with abrasive clients or resolving stressful issues doesn’t look so daunting after you’d spent time training to be a spy.

Popular Corporate Travel Adventures

Where can you take your team that will produce these kinds of lasting benefits? The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Shark dives might seem like a very appropriate metaphor for the corporate world, but it’s also a unique opportunity to bond with the coworkers in the cage with you. Operators all over North American, Australia and Africa offer group cage dives that will keep you safe inside while Great White Sharks circle around you.

Consider challenging your group in the highest mountains in the world. Take a corporate trip to the Mount Everett Basecamp and Kala Pattar. This trek can include experienced guides, delicious dining and famous cities like Kathmandu. Consider eco camping to get to know the people you work with better and to immerse yourself in the Himalayas.  

For a shorter trek with just as much adventure, Peru and the classic Inca Trail is a good choice. The trail winds its way up the mountain to Machu Piccu. This is an opportunity to experience ancient ruins, climb mountains through cloud forests and discover Mayan culture in the Andes.

Biking your way through Italy is a picturesque and exciting adventure. Not only can executives explore the beautiful countryside and historic villages and cities, but the trip is punctuated with luxury hotels and wine sampling each evening.

Consider a rock climbing adventure in Red Rock Canyons, Nevada. This sport teaches trust and cooperation, both of which are ideal for team building. Located near Las Vegas, Red Rock offers beautiful vistas, unique terrain and climbs for beginners and experts.

Let BlueOrange Travel plan your next corporate team building activities adventure. Specializing in luxury and business travel, BlueOrange is prepared and able to make your next team building trip anything but boring. Contact us today to start planning.