One-of-a-kind experiences are key when making meeting plans in the entertainment industry. Event attendees want to feel like they are a part of the experience rather than there to watch from the sidelines, as they might in their regular jobs. Unique immersive experiences, like augmented reality, transform any event from ordinary to unforgettable, but for entertainment events the novelty is essential to spark inspiration and to create a lasting impression. New York City-based BlueOrange Travel understands the entertainment industry and the corporate travel and events that go along with it. Read on to discover some unique approaches to entertainment industry meetings.

Where Meeting Plans Meet Excitement

Immersive experiences are dynamic events that allow your participants to feel fully surrounded by an event or happening. Immersion takes advantage of all five senses and make participants put down their phone or electronics, step away from their regular routines and stresses, and focus on the moment. Authentic details and advanced technology all contribute to an unforgettable experience, especially for entertainment professionals who see all aspects of the industry.

While younger demographics have been the recent target of immersive marketing, engaging thrilling and augmented experiences can appeal to a broad range of people because these events often rely on stories and shared experiences.

Immersive experiences do several things for your event. Before it even starts, they work to generate excitement and industry buzz, driving ticket sales and increasing anticipation. During the conference or meeting, your experiences will allow participants to put down their technology and to step into their actions. When participants have the opportunity to make decisions and leave behind their routine, they become truly invested. Immersive experiences are memorable, the better the experience, the more it will be mentioned across social media platforms. This increases your reach and long-lasting impact. After an event, immersive experiences will stick with the attendees, allowing them to revisit what they felt and how they reacted.

Discover popular immersive experiences that will wow at your next entertainment industry event.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is one way to surround your attendees with experiences and fill their senses. This method gives attendees a real feel for a brand or happening. Realism is conveyed through technologies like special screens or vibrating platforms to stand on. Augmented reality tricks the senses into thinking the body is somewhere else, making this technology good for brands or companies wishing to give otherwise impossible experiences. Unlike virtual reality, augmented reality isn’t isolating and is still a community-driven experience, bonding your attendees and furthering your message.

Ambient Interactivity

Combining physical and digital interactions creates ambient experiences and makes them more accessible and user friendly. Rather than feeling surrounded by only technology and realities created by technology, ambient interactivity immerses users with interactive tables, windows, and walls. So the familiar and the new come together to create the feelings and generate the message.

Live Action Immersion

Not all immersive experiences have to rely on digital platforms. Custom events, parties and experiences can be built using actors and elaborate settings. With this style of immersion, participants get to play their own role in a story or scene, making it memorable, interesting and customizable. This style of immersion experience eliminates the need for technological understanding and is fully accessible for any crowd.

Corporate events for entertainment professionals demand a different approach that makes the event feel unique and useful. Immersive experiences are the growing trend for these events. BlueOrange Travel understand the specific needs of entertainment industry professionals as they travel and thrive. Contact us today to exceed your specific travel needs.