As a nonprofit executive, you are already well versed in stretching every hour of your work day and every dollar of your budget as far as it will go. You search for ways to streamline your office’s processes and methods. You strive for efficiency. When you travel, you hunt for the best deals and schedules to make the most of your time away from the office and travel funds. Have you ever considered relying on a travel management company to help you reach your business travel goals? Travel companies like BlueOrange make efficiency easier for nonprofits. Through industry connections, vast and specific expertise and a passion for finding the best travel deals and routes, BlueOrange is able to help you do your job better.

Five Ways a Travel Management Company Will Help Your Nonprofit

1. Agents have access to the best deals

BlueOrange is well connected in the travel industry. By working closely with the Tzell Travel Group and the Signature Travel Network, we are able to tap into a vast network of travel vendors and professionals who are willing to find the very best rates and schedules. Additionally, BlueOrange has personal relationships with hotels, airlines and other service providers worldwide. By utilizing these connections, we provide travel schedules that fit your business and rates that fit your budget.

2. Agents can coordinate your large group

Whether you are planning a single-person flight for a face-to-face meeting or if you need to travel with a large group on a humanitarian mission, a travel management company can make the booking process seamless. An agent is essential when there are last minute changes to passenger lists or hotel reservations or in coordinating the elaborate details of your group’s travel. Because of BlueOrange’s experience and relationships with vendors, we are able to meet your group’s needs and unexpected changes to your schedule. Leave yourself free to focus on your business by letting a travel agent worry about these details.

3. Trust your travel manager to advise and advocate for you

When questions arise about your destination, an agent is able provide suggestions, ideas and valuable insight into the culture, atmosphere and infrastructure where you’re traveling. Rely on them to share tips to make it through airport security smoothly, the best way to go from the airport to your hotel, or an activity to enjoy when you are free from business.

Your time and energy is best focused on your nonprofit work, and BlueOrange understands that you can’t sit on hold waiting for a customer service or booking agent. With expertise and understanding, a travel management company is able to expedite the process to find an answer your question or to plan the details of your trip. Focus on your important work and leave the travel planning to BlueOrange. Plus, if a flight is cancelled because of bad weather or if you missed your connection, count on an expert like BlueOrange to reroute you and lessen your stress levels.

4. Leave the fine print to your agent

You are an expert in your field, let your agent be the expert in hers. While you should always read the fine print in your ticket and travel documents, a quality travel agent will understand what is said and how that impacts you. Rely on the expertise of BlueOrange to help you make the best possible travel plan for you and your nonprofit.

5. Let your travel professional save you time

Rather than searching the internet for the best travel deals or instead of sitting on hold with your airline or vendor for hours, a travel advisor can plan your entire trip. With destination-specific recommendations, you can free your time and still feel good about your flight schedules, hotel options and overall budget. Let your nonprofit business thrive by passing off the travel planning to a professional.

Your nonproft needs a travel management company that has industry connections, first-hand knowledge of the field and the desire to support companies like yours doing their important work. BlueOrange Travel is an New York City-based company that provides personal expertise and vast networks in the industry to make sure you get the best deals and schedules. Contact BlueOrange to discuss options and to start planning your next corporate trip.