Nonprofit organizations have unique needs when it comes to business and travel. More than budgetary demands, not-for-profit corporations must work with their specific mission and vision in mind while upholding successful business practices. Nonprofit travel can pose its own set of concerns, but relying on a travel agent, like New York City-based BlueOrange, can provide experience, knowledge and nonprofit business travel services to make planning easier, efficient and effective.

The Business Travel Services Your NonProfit Needs Most

Tailored Attention

Planning travel for a nonprofit isn’t as simple as one-size-fits-all. A travel agent is able to customize your travel plan to fit your company’s specific needs, wants and restrictions. As the travel industry shifts and changes, from growing technology, updated security requirements and so on, a good travel agent will be able to respond quickly and with your nonprofit’s needs in mind to ensure you receive the best service and travel options.

BlueOrange crafts travel plans after learning about their clients’ business and budgetary needs, flexibility, travel goals and more. This helps to cater packages and plans to meet your company’s specific needs.

The Best Tools

By relying on the industry’s newest advances and technology, BlueOrange is able to reduce costs, maximize convenience and savings in time and money. With travel technology changing on a daily basis, you need a travel agent that is flexible and can think creatively to utilize resources effectively for you.

Additionally, a travel agent has essential knowledge that will make your trip run more smoothly and save you time. For example, rather than spending hours online searching for the perfect hotel to fit your budget, a travel agent has the connections and experience to book you in quality accommodations, sometimes for a lower price than what is advertised.

Online booking tools, mobile applications, SMS and email alerts, real-time notifications and detailed document delivery, concise reporting of your travel spending and more all gives your nonprofit the essential resources it needs to stay on budget and to travel efficiently.

A Safety Net

Peace of mind comes from planning travel with a qualified agency. BlueOrange gives nonprofit clients that confidence. When travel-related problems arise, like bad weather, mechanical issues, rescheduled flights, etc., a travel agent is able to advocate for you with vendors to find a solution. No matter what the local time is, your travel agency should be there to help in an emergency. If you have to cancel or change your trip details, your travel agent acts as a safety net, allowing you to focus on your work, instead of travel stress.

Let a travel agent help exceed the travel expectations of your nonprofit. BlueOrange offers nonprofit business travel services that will directly support your mission and vision while meeting your budget. Contact BlueOrange and start planning your nonprofit business travel now.