Business travel doesn’t stop when the weather turns cold. You’ll still need to meet with colleagues and clients around the globe, but you’ll need a winter wardrobe and gear to ensure you stay warm, dry and looking your best at the office. What do you pack for a winter business trip to snowy and cold climates? BlueOrange Travel has the tips and suggestions for the best travel clothes for corporate this winter.

Best Business Travel Clothes from the Ground Up

For Your Feet

Consider your shoes carefully. When it comes to traveling in the winter, your feet will face more elements than the rest of you. Think about the freezing rain, snow or slush you might have to slog through on your way to the office. Dress shoes or pumps might not be enough. Instead, consider boots that can both match the dress code and keep your feet warm and dry.

For women, waterproof boots don’t have to be clunky and awkward. Consider the De La Vina Boot from Teva that comes in both tall and ankle heights and will keep out the freezing rain while still providing protection and traction when sidewalks are covered in ice.

Cole Haan’s waterproof Chelsea boot provides style for male business travelers during colder months. These ankle-high boots are available in a variety of colors, materials and finishes. Plus, the elastic enclosure means that these boots are easy to take off to travel through airport security.

For Your Legs

Check the labels of your trousers to know what fabric they are stitched from. Quality suits are often made of materials like wool, tweed and flannel, that will help to keep you warmer when the temperature dips while providing protection from the wind. Ladies who want to wear dresses and skirts can rely on wool tights or fleece-lined leggings that can be dressed up with the right accessories to match office expectations.

If the weather is truly harsh or if you will be outside for an extended amount of time, then consider pulling on a a pair of long underwear under trousers to add an extra layer of protection from the elements. Patagonia and Uniqlo both offer low-profile options for both men and women for added extra layers and warmth.

For Your Torso

Sweaters and suit jackets can keep you warm when you are inside, but winter travel necessitates a heavy coat. Wool overcoats, like this one from Reiss, add warmth while still being both stylish and professional looking. But if you have a walk from your hotel to the office or if you know you’ll be in extreme elements, then a weather-ready parka is your best option. A down-filled coat can offer ultimate warmth. The Outer Boroughs Parka by The North Face is a good choice for women or men and provides protection and style in winter weather.

Before you leave home, consider carrying your coat with you on the airplane. Coats are easy to put in an overhead compartment on your flight, and this way, you can ensure you keep extra space in your suitcase for the rest of your clothes. Your bulky winter boots are also best worn on the plane.

For Your Extremities

Don’t forget gloves, hats and scarves on your next winter business trip. For added style, consider matching hats and scarves, or gloves and scarves. Gloves should have touch-screen friendly fingertips. Details like these can help keep your hands warm and you as productive and efficient as possible during your business trips.

Don’t sacrifice style this winter when you travel for business. Keep warm and dry, and look and feel good with these best business travel clothes suggestions from BlueOrange. Contact BlueOrange to plan all of your corporate travel for the next season.