As the seventh largest economy, Brazil ranks among world’s the leaders in business. Rio de Janeiro, as the country’s second largest city, is a growing corporate hub for an array of industries, including oil, gas and technology. As a result, South America business travel is becoming essential to companies that cater to a global audience. BlueOrange Travel is prepared to plan your next corporate travel, either as a group or individual, to Rio. With the backing of the Tzell Travel group, BlueOrange is perfectly positioned to plan efficient and luxurious business travel to Rio.

Rio de Janeiro Travel for Business: What You Need to Know about Rio

Skyrocketing Industry

Don’t let Rio de Janeiro’s reputation as a party city distract you from the thriving industry that goes on here. Corporations in the automotive, aerospace, tourism and transportation infrastructure sectors are all thriving in Rio, making it an important part of the global economy. Additionally, energy powerhouses like Halliburton and General Electric both have research bases here. The growing collection of tech companies here earned the city the reputation of “Silicon Beach.”

Recently, Rio was chosen to host the Global Entrepreneurship Congress which helps to raise awareness for education for entrepreneurs. This, and other global events, like the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics have helped make the city more accessible to business travelers. Plus, the city’s hotel and tourism sectors have flourished.  This makes the city simple to travel and live in when business calls.

Technological Initiative

Rio de Janeiro combines culture and history with modern technology, making the city an inspiring and essential addition to the world’s technology innovators. The city has invested in technology and start-up hubs to promote business growth. As a result, the internet has become an integral part of life in Rio. This city has one of the world’s largest numbers of social media users. The connectivity, though, makes business easier in the large city, and it makes the city an ideal home for start-ups and creative, modern entrepreneurs.


Most major airlines fly to Rio several times a week, but there are also accessible flights to São Paulo, and then local flights between the two cities. After visitors land at Galeão Antonio Carlos Jobim International Airport, they should plan to take a prepaid taxi into the heart of the city. Taxis are the preferred method of moving around the city, but traffic jams are common, so plan extra time when traveling by road.

Portuguese is spoken throughout Brazil, and while a growing number of professionals speak English, it is best not to assume this will be the case. Consider hiring a Portuguese translator for your time in the city. Brazilians like to form strong interpersonal relationships, and your business will do better if you can communicate well.

Where to Stay and What to See

As in any major city, it is best to consider where your business will occur and book your hotel nearby. Much of the city’s business happens in the Financial Center, in the northern part of the city, but if your business will take you all over, then consider staying near landmarks like the famous Copacabana. The Pestana Rio Atlantica is a well-known hotel that understands the needs of travelers in town for business. Located on swanky Ipanema beach, Hotel Fasano offers guests refined luxury and unforgettable ambiance.

While you’re visiting, make sure to visit the art deco Christ the Redeemer statue and Corcovado Peak, which stand above the city. Copacabana and Ipanema beaches are also popular tourist draws. Take in some true Brazilian culture at a football match at the famous Maracanã Stadium. Tickets are available online the week before home matches. If you visit in February, don’t miss the city’s Carnaval. Drawing millions to Rio, the celebration includes music, dancing and a party atmosphere throughout the city.

Rio de Janeiro has become a thriving hotspot for business, making Rio de Janeiro travel for business a must for companies that serve a wide demographic. BlueOrange Travel, an agent specializing in luxury corporate travel, is able to plan your next trip south of the Equator to Rio or any other destination. Contact us to discover how we can help meet all your corporate or luxury travel needs.