Travelers today feel empowered to plan and book their own flights and accommodations. Online travel agents and booking websites make it simple to schedule work or corporate trips and travelers can research destinations and attractions easily online. It might seem like the world is at the fingertips of modern travelers, but the truth is that travel agencies still offer the best options in travel planning. Contemporary travel agencies like BlueOrange are evolved and able change their methods and perspective, matching the industry and making them an essential part of travel planning today.

The internet has changed the face of the travel industry, moving agencies from brick and mortar storefronts where agents were the middle man between individual travelers and vendors to more virtual offices. It has also made agents even better able to plan vacation and corporate travel while offering bespoke service and personalized experiences.

Travel Agencies Today

Facing the ever-growing demands of technology, travel agencies have teamed up to create vast networks of professionals that have access to hotels, airlines and other vendors to plan top travel experiences. BlueOrange is affiliated with Tzell Travel Group, the nation’s largest corporate travel management company, and the Signature Travel Network. These partnerships mean that travelers are able to rely on a state-of-the-art approach to modern travel planning to ensure the ultimate travel experience for business or pleasure.

Additionally, travel agencies provide service that an online resource simply cannot. When you work with a travel agent, the relationship you establish can help support you for all future trips that you plan together. A quality travel agent will learn your preferences, favorite times to fly, which hotels you like best and more. Travel agencies like BlueOrange are able to recommend travel options that fit your lifestyle and favorites, making every trip more memorable.

Even during your trip, modern travel agencies are able to address problems as they arise. By tapping into their relationships with the client and vendors, an agent can work to reroute flights to avoid delays or work to get a client a room upgrade at their favorite hotel. This kind of one-on-one service has become the trademark of modern travel agencies and illustrates their ability to move beyond the ever-changing industry. A travel agent will always be able to offer individualized attention that a web site can’t.

Travel agents today are also able to save their clients money each time they book a trip. The American Society of Travel Agents estimates that travel agencies save their clients up to $452 each time they travel. Because of their established relationships with providers and their extensive resources, agencies are able to make cost-saving plans and decisions.

Travel Leaders Group has named 2018 the year of the travel agent in part because agents continue to grow and adapt with their industry. Travel agencies like BlueOrange are well suited to meet client needs, no matter the travel demand. Contact us to start planning your next personal or business trip.