Bands and musicians need a travel agent who understands the demands of a fully booked touring schedule and the road. They need someone who can help them plan travel well in advance, but who is also available at a moment’s notice if (and when) something doesn’t go according to plan. There are places to be and a budget to keep. They need someone who is available and helpful, connected and consistent, knowledgeable and capable. BlueOrange is the best Manhattan New York VIP travel agency and is prepared to plan and support entire tours or travel for a single show.

Let the Best Manhattan New York VIP Travel Agency Sweat the Small Stuff

The Tune Up

Travel agents want to take the headache out of travel planning in order to save you stress and money. By relying on preferred partnerships with airlines, hotels and vendors worldwide, agents are able to secure exclusive pricing and rates. Plus, their relationships can mean upgrades or special extra amenities to make your time on the road even better.

Many times, travel agents will create packages for bands and musicians to help simplify the planning process. By following guidelines, that agent is able to ensure you and your crew will arrive will rested and in time for your next show. Packages, like the ones offers by BlueOrange, may include transportation to and around the destination city; ideal accommodations; emergency assistance for delays, cancellations and more; and the latest technology, including a mobile app, to ensure a smooth trip and great communication. The most qualified agents handle the details so you can keep your attention on your music.

Playing Your Song

Look for a travel agent that harmonizes with your style. When an agent specializes in entertainment and band travel, they are prepared to trouble shoot when any obstacle pops up. By addressing problems with the carriers and vendors who have your reservations, this can save you time and headache. Line-up changes, weather or mechanical delays or any other last-minute emergency directly with the airlines means that names can be changed or your flight plans can be rerouted seamlessly, often in less time that it would take you to make similar changes.

Plus, working with an agent who understands the industry means you can avoid over paying for baggage fees to ensure your instruments and equipment arrives when you do. Count on your travel agent to reserve the vendors who understand musicians best, and rest well knowing you’re in the most capable and understanding hands.

In addition to reducing your band’s stress levels on tour, working with a travel agent can save your band money. By tapping worldwide resources, like the Tzell Travel Group, or by utilizing established relationships with vendors, the right travel agent is able to ensure your band in traveling with the best itinerary at the best price. With access to airfares or hotel prices that may be lower (and not necessarily available to the public), a qualified agent is able to save your band money and help you stay on budget. They can offer prices that you won’t find with online travel agents.

A Whole New Sound

Your band needs a travel agent who understands that bands and tours aren’t one-size fits all. Find an agent that is willing to give you specialized and specific travel planning services. Stat with clear communication about what you need and expect, and the right agent will help you plan tailored and personalized travel for you. One-off trips, important gigs or extended world tours, your travel agent should be willing and able to help you plan the ideal way to tour so you can focus on what matters most—the music.

Make beautiful music, and BlueOrange, the best Manhattan, New York, VIP travel agency, handle the travel plans for your next tour. No matter how many cities you’ll visit or venues you’ll play, we are prepared to make your tour seamless and hassle free, so you can keep on rocking.