All fashion-focused eyes turn to New York starting September 5 when NYC Fashion Week begins. Celebrities, fashion editors, stylists, photographers, bloggers and more will flock to the city to see models walk runways in innovative styles as Spring’s trends are decided.  The city hums with style. If you’re headed to the Big Apple for all the celebrations, then BlueOrange Travel, an NYC-based fashion travel agent, wants to you to have all the details about where to go, which shows to see and how to get around. Visit our first New York Fashion Week blog post for details about where to stay and what to wear for the city’s most fashion-forward week.

Read on for NYC Fashion Week Details


You don’t have to have tickets to the most exclusive shows to take part in New York Fashion Week. Here are some of the top highlights and can’t-miss moments to be a part of, but for the full event schedule, visit NYFW’s website.

Fashion’s biggest names all have shows this week: Jeremy Scott, Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors, Tory Burch, Oscar de la Renta. But look for trends to start from other designers as well. For example, Rodarte will show on Sunday, September 10 at 6 p.m. or Proenza Schouler who shows Monday, September 10 at 4 p.m.

Keep your evenings free for the later shows that you won’t want to miss. Tom Ford, Jeremy Scott, Kith and Calvin Klein will all have shows that kick off after dark, which makes for early mornings when you want to see the collection from The Row, that starts at 9a.m. on September 10.

Don’t miss highlights like Rosario Dawson’s Studio One Eighty Nine, known for its hand-crafted sustainability. Ralph Lauren’s 50th Anniversary celebration in Central Park on September 7 will be another event that is sure to have bloggers and fashion editors talking. Plus, following tradition, Marc Jacobs will end the week with a 6p.m. show on Wednesday, September 12.

Getting Around

If you don’t have ready-access to a car service and driver, getting between events during New York Fashion Week may seem like a daunting chore. But it doesn’t have to be. Have a plan of which shows and events you want to attend before you arrive in the city, and plan your hotel stay accordingly. If you can sleep near the shows you want to see most, you will save yourself time and headache.

Have a subway map, either on paper or on your phone. City-specific apps like CityMapper New York or Exit Strategy can make navigating the subway or city busses easier. You’ll save money on Ubers and taxis, which might be hard to come by when everyone in the last show you attended are trying to snag the next taxi.

Also, be prepared to walk. You’ll want to look your best during Fashion Week, but pack a pair of foldable flats in your bag. In city traffic, sometimes the best way to get around is on foot, and the heels you wear to events aren’t meant for an across-city hike.

Fashion Week Essentials

While you’re looking your best for the street photographers and news crews, make sure you are packing these essentials in your most-fashion forward clutch or bag.

  •   Make-up: for between show touch ups
  •   Band-Aids: in case you end up with blisters
  •   Snacks: you might not have time to stop for lunch
  •   Battery Backup for your Tech: If you’re Instagramming your adventures, your phone battery will need a mid-day charge
  •   Water: Don’t get dehydrated
  •   Travel-size Fragrance: So you always feel and smell your very best

Don’t miss the excitement and beauty of New York Fashion Week this September. With a little planning, you’ll experience the latest styles and the best of the city. Let BlueOrange Travel help you plan your NYC Fashion Week experience. As a city-based, fashion-focused travel agent, we are uniquely qualified to help you have the best Fashion Week experience.