London, England, has long been regarded as the business epicenter of Europe. As the home of large companies and brand new startups, the city offers companies the perfect mix of clients and inspiration. London is historic and creative at the same moment it offers the latest in industry and technology. If your company serves a world-wide audience, then chances are you’re doing business in London. Rely on BlueOrange, a top Europe business travel agency for creatives, to help you plan your travel and stay in London, and read on to learn why the city is such an inspiration for corporate travel.

Top Europe Business Travel Agency for Creatives Explores London

Ultimate Diversity

Each year, more than 200,000 startups launch in London, according to Culture Trip. The new companies are inspired by the city’s varied industry and diverse population. With strong footholds in entertainment, technology and creative services industries, London is the perfect melting pot for business.

Add to that the cultural diversity of a large metropolitan city, and London offers a variety of unique perspectives and flavors to influence continuing creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. This thriving diversity of talent and culture fuels business in the city and makes it an exciting and inspiring place to visit for business or pleasure.

A Rich and Storied Past

London is a city built on tradition and history. Throughout the streets are reminders of people and places who came before. A simple stroll can be an unending source for inspiration or the spark of creativity. Look for royal architecture, world-famous museums filled with priceless artwork and relics, or take in one of constant cultural celebrations. Popular spots like the Eye or the Houses or Parliament are balanced by unexpected places to visit like Little Venice or the Kyoto Gardens in Holland Park. Plus, business meetings

Simplified Transportation

Transportation to London has also helped fuel this creative and business diversity. With five major airports, the city is connected to a global audience that is just a plane ride away. This makes London a popular place to meet for out-of-town or out-of-country visitors for business. Heathrow, one of London’s busiest airports, caters to businesss travelers by making a lounge available in each of its terminals. These are ideal spots for informal meetings, checking email or relaxing before your flight. If you need them, Terminal 2 has more formal meeting space that can be reserved. And free Wi-Fi is available throughout the airport.

When you are traveling through town, Black cabs, busses and the Underground all allow visitors to travel across the city, but it is best to expect delays and to give yourself plenty of travel time between meetings, and know that sometimes the fastest way to get anywhere is to walk.

Where to Stay

London is a large city, and so options for where to stay are limitless. There are business-focused hotels in the city, like the The Langham, London, that combine luxury amenities in an ideal location close to industry.

Consider where your meetings and business dealings will be held before you book your hotel. Canary Wharf and the West End are both popular locations for business, and chances are that anywhere you stay will be in a charming and beautiful neighborhood.

When your business takes you to London, contact BlueOrange, a top Europe business travel agency for creatives, to help you plan. With vast industry connections and the backing of the Tzell Travel group, we are able to make your business trip to London both effective and inspiring.